YT Marketer Course Overview

YT Marketer Course Overview

Powerful ALL-IN-ONE Video App Converts Videos You Don’t Even Own into Lead Generating Magnets!

Drive Huge Traffic, Conversions and Sales by Adding Interactive Elements to Any Videos!

-Add interactive elements inside videos.

– Nothing to download – 100% cloud-based.

– Built-in timeline video editor.

– Upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Desktop

– Use your or anyone else’s videos that you own.

– Turn any videos into lea magnets.

– Full video personalization.

– Enjoy massive boosts in clicks and traffic.

– Easy to use – 100% Newbie friendly. Buy YT Marketer

– Instant Access See What Others Have to Say About YT Marketer

“I just got my hands on YT Marketer and all I can say is Awesome! It’s easy to use and creates engaging videos in just a few clicks. This powerful video app helped me boost my video engagement on social media and helped me drive huge buyer traffic. If you are using video in any way and not getting the results that you were expecting then I’d recommend picking this up, you will not be disappointed!” – James C.

“Wow! I was just blown away with this software! YT Marketer is hands down the best video creator that I used. It helped me create highly engaging videos that got me amazing buyer traffic from the leading social media sites. Videos created using this app surely worked as a lead magnet. Now, I’ve stopped using regular videos, I convert my videos and my competitor’s videos into lead generating machines in just a few clicks. I highly recommend YT Marketer to anyone looking to work with video. Go for it. – Williams D.

This is what HAPPENED when we tested YT Marketer for our Campaigns Our Video ENGAGEMENT & LEADS from Videos increased by 4x in just 7 days!

YT Marketer Proof

We got these AWESOME REULTS in just a few CLICKS

And that too under 7-DAYS! Believe it or not, it JUST took 3-SIMPLE STEPS!

Step 1 – Get YT Marketer Step 2 – Watch Course Step 3 – Implement.


Dear Fellow Marketers, I’m Chris. With over 10+ years of experience in marketing, I’ve created a number of amazing video software tools that have helped more than 12,000+ clients grow and achieve unbelievable results!

After understanding clients’ feedback over the last couple of years and developing newer features, I’ve come up with a unique solution for your lead generation requirements.

And while there are other apps and video enhancers in the market, no one can match the world-class quality and customer service offered by me and my YT Marketer. While we have taken care to ensure you have the best experience with our all-in-one video creator, you have 24x7x365 on call service for pretty much any help you need!

Today, I want to ask you… Are you leveraging the POWER of Videos to its full potential?

You may have tried but FAILED BIG TIME to make the most out of VIDEOS!

You may have used different methods to generate BOOST VIDEO ENGAGEMENT, DRIVE BUYER TRAFFIC, and GET SALES using VIDEOS, but to NO avail! 

2022 is the PERFECT TIME to use VIDEOS in your marketing plans! – More than 64% of consumers make a BUYING DECISION after watching VIDEOS on SOCIAL MEDIA and ELSEWHERE! – 80% of all internet users worldwide consumed VIDEOS in 2020!

And the numbers are INCREASING! – Being a Marketing Professional, you may have included VIDEOS as a campaign TOOL!

Yep, 87% of Marketing Professionals do that! Your video campaigns are FAILING… Because your videos are BORING and UNABLE TO CATCH A USER’S ATTENTION! Just imagine NOBODY watching your videos and your efforts NOT paying off! But what if you have a POWERFUL SYSTEM that converts ANY VIDEOS into TRAFFIC GENERATING GOLD MINE?

Won’t you have an EDGE on your RIVALS, then? Well, there is a PROVEN SOLUTION to end your CHAOS! The EXTREMELY EFFICIENT SOLUTION to bring TRAFFIC, SALES and CONVERSIONS using ANY VIDEOS is here…

Introducing YT Marketer YT Marketer is a cloud-based SaaS App that lets you add INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS to your and even videos that you DON’T OWN!


– Increased qualified leads.

– Super engaging videos.

– More video engagement on social media.

– Higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

– Better views per videos.

– More buyer traffic from videos.

And the BEST PART of YT Marketer is… You WON’T NEED to CREATE your OWN VIDEOS! Simply CHOOSE ANY video from Vimeo or YouTube, ADD INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS to it… and ENJOY MORE LEADS, SALES and PROFITS. Now, Creating and Selling Interactive VIDEOS for Businesses will be a CHILD’S PLAY! It is NOT the END of it.

Buy YT Marketer – Get Instant Access RIGHT AWAY!

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