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100k Apprentice by Richard Legg + Nathan Brown is an affiliate marketing product being marketed through Zaxaa. By promoting what they call an “evergeen webinar” that offers a complete “done for you” network of membership sites, you can make $800+ per sale as an affiliate. As a customer, you will get 10 complete sites built around the online marketing/online business/business success niches, all networked together and cross-promoted that will allow you to build your own targeted list of subscribers and generate sales with 10 proven sales funnels.


They also come with pdf reports, audio and video training, as well as product reviews. Everything is suppose to come “ready to go” and able to start making sales immediately.

Everything sounds good, but there typically is a downside to “package” products such as this in that EVERYBODY has it and is trying to make money with it so it is possible that the market has already been saturated with this product and its offers and it may already be old news by the time you buy into it and start using or promoting it. Just be aware of that and look into it before
spending any money. The other thing to mention is more foundational and fundamental.

If you are seriously trying to build a real internet business, it is very difficult to do that when you are continuously jumping around from one supposedly hot product to another like I was, trying
to shave off your own 2 pennies while competing against the droves of other ravenous wolves who are trying to do the same thing as you. I grew tired of that daily feast to famine blood bath and have found that it is a lot less stressful, more consistent and more reliable to just promote one, or maybe two very good, legitimate, reputable and reliable products that either pay very high commissions and/or residual income, consistently. It also helps me to sleep at night because I really believe in what I sell. That is what I do now. But in my experience, products or programs like those are actually very, very few and far between.

Now, is this a good product and can you make any money with it? I honestly don’t know. A lot of that will depend on your effort. But, I will tell you that I did end up finding another program that
has allowed me to earn a very good income while also keeping my conscience clear at the same time. You see, part of the reasons why I do reviews of products like 100k Apprentice, is to not only educate people on the product itself, but to also caution people to be wary of most products that are out there. In my 15 years of trying out all kinds of different how to make money online or make money from home opportunities, I dare say that I got burned by over 98 percent of them over that time, spending tons of money and was left with nothing but an empty bank account.

Most of them will actually never make you any money. Now, am I saying that about 100k Apprentice? Absolutely not. Now, despite having spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on how to make money online and make money from home programs that didn’t make me a single cent, I actually did find a few that are legitimate, reputable and that can actually make you money.

And in some cases a lot of money. One of those programs, called IPAS2, you can check out here by clicking this link:


If you have been looking for an honest way to make a living on the internet, or maybe you just want to make some extra income on the side, then this program, IPAS2, is definitely one you need to
check out.


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