YT Evolution Review Demo Strategy Walkthrough – ytevolution MASS VIDEO EMBED + Syndication Strategy

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YT Evolution Review Demo Strategy Walkthrough – ytevolution MASS VIDEO EMBED Reviews & Bonus + Syndication Strategy – Mass Embed and Backlink Entire channels of videos instantly
(Evo Cloaker Upsell Mass Redirects Google and Social Traffic to Affiliate Offers or Local CPA offers) – Mass Syndicate each Video Post to 21 Backlinking Sources (Drip Feed on Autopilot as new posts are populated on the site)
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NEED OTO 3 – WP PLUGIN to auto syndicate – Auto Generate Mass Videos up to 3k per month

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🎬 Key Moments🎬
Intro 00:00
yt evo App overview explanation 01:08
How a finished Yt Evolution site looks 06:28
Evo Cloaker Explanation 10:45
DFY Site Setup oto 13:16
50K Yt Evolution Case Study 21:48

Instantly import all videos from a youtube channel or a 1,000 youtube channels.
Create Embedded backlinked video posts, linking to the youtube videos.
Include the video description and a spun article of a similar niche to create unique content.
All video posts are interlinked on the site for onpage SEO link juice.
All post pages are linked to the homepage for onpage SEO link juice.

This video shows you how to import mass video channels.
Create a website for ranking local or affiliate offers in 5 minutes.
How to auto syndicate all these video post pages to 21 backlinking locations.
MASSIVE RANKINGS = That have shown can make massive profits if you take MASSIVE ACTION

YT Evolution converts ANY YouTube videos into DFY monetized niche blogs that search engines
love for multiple hands-free income streams.


Activate your website


Pick videos


Monetize your site

The power of this software is you don’t need your own videos, but you can
use them if you want …

YT Evolution uses advanced technology to build you monetized sites IN ANY NICHE
from existing YouTube videos…

Then it optimizes these DFY sites to rank in search engines for FREE traffic!

Now You Can Actually Profit From Your Hobbies & Interests…

This Works In ANY Niche

ANYONE Can Do This

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