YT MARKETER | The Secrets To Getting Monetized and Ranking on YouTube Revealed

The Secrets To Getting Monetized and Ranking on YouTube

I’m going be showing you a way that you can actually monetize your YouTube channels and if you don’t have YouTube channels, you can build niche based YouTube channels and earn a real income. Now, without you really doing much, it’s a it’s really. It’s got strategies and methods that you probably haven’t seen before, and the great thing is that i have uh gotten that knowledge as well, but i want to tell you something. This building channels and different niches is pretty interesting, and i wanted to actually show you inside YT Marketer and why it helped me not only generate these results. These are results that I’ve been generating already, but these are some results that you can get a bigger picture, get that feeling, maybe that you could get access to is yourself but, first of all, let me just explain something to you: I’m showing you a message that I was talking to Chris the released YT Marketer, which is this right here now.

The thing about YT Marketer has got a lot of good information that I’m about to share with you inside uh. One thing about this, though, is that i could not get access. Okay, unfortunately, I was not allowed access, because i wanted to promote this because I trust Chris said the valuable it’s too valuable. So I decided you know what I trust the guy I’m going to jump in, and i got myself YT Marketer and I want to show you inside what you’re gonna be getting okay, and i’s telling you right now what’s inside is so valuable. It will get anybody that wants to build a passive income through YouTube.

That’s never been on camera that you don’t want to be on camera. You don’t have to okay, there’s a way, there’s a method and how you can do it fast in less than 30 days. Now, because now I got your attention, I want to also say they stick around to the end, because this offer is not on the cheap side. Okay, it’s not, but I’m giving you 500 off that you can use like discount, but not only that. I’m also giving you some exclusive bonuses that are really pretty powerful and they’re in line with what you’re about to do and a lot more so stick around.

I want you to check out what I’m going to show you right now inside the YT Marketer. I want to see I want you to actually see inside this members area because there’s not going to be a lot of people sharing you this. Not a lot of people are going to go out and invest in this, but I did it because I know it’s going to help me. So real quick just wanted to show you um. I try to get some review access, but I have a coupon that I can give okay so right here.

I have not given review access to anyone, so let’s uh jump in the YT Marketer, so right now, you’re gonna be once you’re inside you’re gonna get a series of videos for a couple of things: okay, first you’re going to be creating your own channel. I’m going to be uh with you, you need to build a channel, but it’s not that hard and the methods are very easy to set up and everything. Okay, so you’re going to be customizing your channel, it’s going to show you exactly how you’re going to be – and this is all about free tools as well, that you’re going to be using, but also a step-by-step process like you’re. Actually, following Chris build this for you, it’s like a copy and paste doesn’t get better than this you’re going to learn how to create videos without actually creating videos. There’s many methods of doing this.

Please don’t let this scare you, you don’t need to put your face out there, but trust me. It will be a life-changing opportunity for you to be able to build a channel on YouTube. You will see results. You can outsource videos showing you where you can go and outsource prices, cheap prices, affordable, get other people to do it. It’s all here, uploading the videos very simple stuff, um we’re talking about the watch time subscribers.

I don’t want to go into detail, but I’m just showing you for each of the section of what you’re getting inside, because it’s worth it, it’s very well worth it. Okay, um updates getting approved three week week, results so basically you’re gonna be seeing this channel getting built right before your eyes, where you’re going to start seeing results in less than a month. Okay, so less than uh three weeks, you’re going start seeing results. Then you’re gonna start seeing all the different types of revenue that you’d be get you’re going to be getting from the AdSense. That’s gonna be happening, but also maybe for affiliate products as well.

That you want to promote that. You want to rank your videos because he’s got another section: where he’s teaching you how you can promote affiliate products, how to rank them on YouTube? How to get like your rankings up how to just all these over here. Okay, so the whole setup, the way that you’re gonna be building this is that you’re going to be following his steps. Chris’s steps, step by step, you’re going to build a channel.

That’s going to be worth money you’re going to be generating a passive income from the videos you’re going to be creating you’re going to be promoting affiliate offers you’re going to be building lists all throughout this, and it’s going to be complete on autopilot. For each of the niches, because of the way they’re going to be setting it up, so the great thing about YouTube is like once you set it up once and you add the content on there based on keywords or content or whatever it’s going to be running On YouTube all the time, so people are going to be searching for that, depending on how you set it up so, like I said this is a gold mine on itself. YR Marketer is a huge huge course that I would suggest anybody that is online, trying to make any type of money online to get in and get this knowledge out like like get that knowledge build it take action, I’m not kidding you. This is one of the greatest courses I’ve bought into and it’s the beginning of 2022 So to me this is probably the best easy method of following the he teaches very clearly. Um he’s got great support.

He’s got a private group he’s going to be helping you, and this is his baby, as he explained in his Facebook message that he wants to build on, and I trust this. So that’s why i invested myself and that’s why I think you should invest as well. I am an affiliate marketer for this, but I want to also um provide you with some bonuses, something that will pace basically get you on on your get me on your side. So what do I mean by this? I sat down and thought what would be the best offers that i can offer you right now to make this so attractive for you to jump in okay, so i was trying to think of what are the best ways to help you and the bonuses.

I wrote them down into a google doc where this google doc will be shared once you’re inside YT Marketer, it’s right under the the axis now. Basically, what am i offering you here, I’m giving you four calls that we’re going to be doing through skype menu for maybe about an hour to talk about your business, to guide you and to basically help you in your uh in your overall, whatever you you’re doing Online, you can ask me, questions you can in that hour we can talk about anything and anything everything um this is. This is guaranteed. These four calls I actually charge 2 000 dollars for I’m not kidding you. So my hour is very: it’s pretty much uh valuable, because in that hour i can actually generate over maybe 500 dollars.

If I wanted to a thousand, if i actually put my energy and focus on promoting something to generate that in these four live core calls. I’M going to be taking by the hand, helping you in whatever issues you might have me. Reviewing your business me helping you set up your business me help like whatever it is you’re trying to do online, I’m going to guide you. You four calls each call about an hour. I think it’s pretty powerful and valuable.

I know: there’s not going be a lot of people jumping on this, so there isn’t any limited spaces until maybe the 11th of January, when this is gonna close down all right, so you have until uh November thru January 11th. That’s about a week to get this deal with me. Okay, bonus number two, I’m maybe most of you have my uh courses before or I’ve, given them away as uh bonuses and other offers. Well, I’m giving you all my major premium courses, not software, that i created um, that is full of training.

This will help you with your. Why YouTube channels as well, if you decided to do any of these offers that I’m having for you, I’ve got the passion to profits, my methods of building a YouTube channel and promoting affiliate products, passion fuse building your own products that could help you building your channel. Uh passion block pro building your blog connecting it, because this is how my channel is based on a passion, blog pro, basically flip flop, profits, another method of generating affiliate commissions through Facebook, ads and uh blogging. CPA freebooter having to do with CPA campaigns, CPA boot camp, another CPA course because you can use YouTube channel to direct traffic to your offers, etc. So it’s really powerful and you’d be correct to sell products with your own print-on-demand type designs that I’m giving you here.

Okay, so that’s bonus two I’m offering all these I’m going to unlock them again. These are all available up until the 11th of January bonus. Three inside the course you get uh these niches that you can actually build a channel for okay. These are the top niches that you would use to build your channel, so what i did was basically uh. I’m going to build a page for each of these as landing pages, so that will be about 14 done for your landing pages and these niches so make it easier for you to get and drive traffic to the content that you want bonus number four, I’m also Giving you 30 done for you, blog niches, with with content that you have to upload to your cPanel or website um they’re, just basically websites with content, and you can choose from various niches that are covering all these okay.

So it’s like making your life a lot easier with a channel that you’re gonna be building and driving traffic to the content with websites and different niches, very powerful and bonus number five, I’m giving you the YT Marketing 500 coupon for 500 off when you’ll see it Once you click on the links, it’ll appear underneath, so you can actually use it. You get this through my links. Only these bonuses will be gone, but the one that you should pay attention to is this four live calls with me. Okay, now this area right here – I know that everybody can see it right now. So if I’m getting um messages, I’m going to ask you for the receipt as well.

So don’t think that you can send me a message on skype and get on uh and and contact me uh, but you will have to after you do this. I’m gonna ask you for a receipt, so the proof of receipt. So we can get started with our call and then we can set it up, okay, other than that, I hope you enjoyed this video about YT Marketer again. This is a course that I think that you should purchase, invest it’s knowledge that will help you actually build. The channel that you can start generating results through paid ads ads on your channel, not you paying for any ads, not you really paying for anything it’s.

This is all organic and you’ll be generating money with commissions that you might be promoting things or you might be selling your products or you just want to make money from google AdSense type ads. You can do this all in less than three weeks or up to three weeks, based on other people’s results and based on the actual case, study that you’re seeing inside this course. So this is YT Marketer click the links, so you can check out the price of what it is right now it will be changing as far as i know, you’ll be getting all this information inside information things that you really don’t find around. I’m telling you right now, there’s the whole method put if you put this whole method together is what’s going to get you. The results in three weeks follow these steps and it’s guaranteed to get you the first results, and this is based on real uh people, uh generating results with YT Marketer on the page below you will see other people with their results.

These are real screenshots. I’ve been in the group, I know 100 percent. Some of these people also generated results from my products like anna, I know. So all these people are real uh in general. So don’t think that this is any type of fake there’s.

A lot of results and he’s been doing this for a while now he’s releasing this course at the lowest possible price. I’M telling you right now get in and you won’t regret it. Okay and I would love it if you actually comment below this video. To tell me if you did see results, so you can help other people understand that what I’m reviewing when I’m getting inside something I’m getting in, because it’s really worth it you’re always going to be purchasing something to teach you, and this is the best way to Get the right stuff from the right people at the right time. You want to start off the 2022 with a bang.

This is the method right here with YouTube. YouTube is not going anywhere; YouTube is what is building my business a lot faster and that’s why? I even created Tubematic, but this is something that is an organic thing and you get in set up once move on to the next set up another and so forth. Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you in the next video .

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