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In this video I’m showing you customer support and chat jobs that are available and they’re  also available worldwide so if you’re ready for that make sure that you do hit that like button  also make sure that you are subscribed for free videos on making money online affiliate marketing  and working from home so you don’t miss out also if you want to learn how i was able to leave my  nine-to-five job start making money from home and be my own boss then go ahead and check out  the first link down below hello my friend welcome to living delightful freedom my name is Delania  without any further ado let’s just get right into it so here is a company that is often hiring for  customer support whether it comes to chat email or phone.

A company’s social media presence can be a powerful tool for marketing and building relationships with customers and clients. However, if a company’s social media strategy is not well executed, it can damage its reputation. A professional social media reputation management company can help a company identify and correct any negative online reviews or comments, as well as monitor, respond to, and delete negative posts if necessary. This can help protect the company’s reputation, resulting in increased business and greater customer satisfaction. Most jobs are going to be for gaming support now to head over and check out their jobs we want to  go up top over here where it says careers you want to click on that or you can just  go to to directly view their open jobs they say you can work for brands that excite  you can work beyond offices so win back your time with a fully work from home lifestyle backed and  supported by razor sharp cloud technology they also have an inclusive community and they also  said that you can brush up on your language skills you can explore other career opportunities explore  corporate careers and also a little bit about them what they’re all about they have 15 plus years  experience in gaming digital services and beyond so that’s the type of support you’ll be offering  and gaming and digital services and you just click on see our open jobs to find out more now what  you can actually do to filter through this is that you can go ahead and click on remote and this will  give you all of the remote jobs that are available right at this moment a lot of them require you to  be multilingual or to be bilingual okay for example you have Chinese and English customer  support you also have other languages over here Korean Portuguese Dutch Russian German but they  also have other ones for example this one is an open application multilingual customer advisor  so you can just apply for something like this so if you’re bilingual or multilingual with any other  languages you can click on this one right here and just apply and they can just place you in an area  that you are qualified for you will be providing customer support to customers by telephone email  and or web chat providing a satisfactory solution to the customer’s inquiry and like i said most of  it is going to be on gaming and technology so they do offer up-to-date training and access to  the latest information in technology and video games so that’s something that they provide for  you competitive salary professional multicultural working environment you get all the required  software tools and database and this is what you will need you will need multilingual skills  speaking at least one language and English at a near native level you need to have knowledge or  have interest in technology and gaming so this is even better if you are interested in gaming or you  do gaming as a hobby also you want to work from home you have a dedicated quiet workspace this is  gonna be great if you want to work from home and you have a computer and if you want to be a gaming  support agent you’re going to need this as well 1080p full hd display either as a  built-in display laptop or as an external monitor pc or hooked up to your laptop and you also need  to be available for long term position and be able to work with a fixed schedule flexibility  as well as strong communication multitasking and problem solving skills so you will be on a fixed  schedule for this one okay so if interested in any of their careers you just come over to  and go to their careers page so you can find out all of the information  and you can look through their remote jobs now this company is usually hiring for  chat support or customer service support jobs and this one is smith Social Reps now if you come  up here to word says careers or you can come over to smith dot a I forward slash careers  to get right on that careers information page now what they need are virtual receptionists and  they say that working at Social Reps.

Social Reps allows you to earn industry-leading wages and grow your career  from the comfort and convenience of your home all while helping small businesses thrive okay  so they provide customer support to small businesses and this is what you’ll do you’ll work  100 remote you answer calls and or web chats for a variety of different businesses and professionals  you will take messages screen new clients book appointments collect payments and transfer calls  so basically you will be kind of like an assistant of sorts that answers calls books appointments  and things like that collects payments for their clients you’ll be a part of a team and contribute  to continued excellence now what they require from you have a strong typing and multitasking skills  now you can take a typing test for free online they have many websites where you can go ahead  and just look up free typing tests and you can go ahead and see what your speed actually is to  see if you qualify you know a lot of us are on the computer and on the internet a lot so we actually  have experience with typing fast so that’s definitely something that a lot of people do  have and you may have that as well you have access to high speed internet  you need the ability to work flexible hours in a quiet setting remotely you need to be professional  and confident communicator and you need to be proficient and confident computer user you need  to speak smoothly and confidently in English so you do get bonus points if you are bilingual  and they want all start agents who are experienced professional communicators verbally and in writing  you need to be able to follow instructions and read instructions very well at listening  you need solid ethical decision making caring and respect for others you need to be responsive to  change and understanding that there is always room for improvement multitasker they said  that already resourceful if you have a question that can actually be googled you should probably  just google it so basically that’s what this means so it’s whether it’s a new computer app or process  at work you learn quickly and can efficiently find the answers to your questions so if you know where  to find those answers why take someone else off of their job so that they can answer it just go  ahead and find out the answer for yourself now before you apply you must have desktop computer  with google chrome installed reliable connection you need strong typing skills so we talked about  this a little bit but you’re going to need at minimum 40 words per minute with 100 accuracy so  they actually do have a link right here where you can take a typing speed test and you can find out  if you do qualify for this and for call answering you need a quiet environment and they operate 24  7 365 so you can choose to work 40 hours per week full time or you can go ahead and have part time  now they do talk about their compensation here and benefits now if you’re based in the us you  are entry level of 15 per hour starting now if you do speak fluent English and Spanish entry level  rate is 16 per hour alright you get paid training you get health care benefits if you’re working 30  plus hours per week if you’re outside of the us starting entry level is of 11 per hour and  you get paid training okay so outside of the us you start at 11 per hour and then you also  have additional earning opportunity so if you’re a team player award you earn at a higher hourly rate  and if you refer other employees to this company they get hired you get a bonus of 150 dollars many  more awards with earning opportunities as well and down here they have some glass door reviews as you  can see it looks like they have got pretty good reviews on so this is another one  that you can check out and this one is the next company that is hiring right now Zapier  you can come over to forward slash jobs and you can check out all of their job openings  over here they have freedom and flexibility spread across 17 time zones in 28 countries we sign into  slack and open up our work tools on the schedule that fits our lives best they have diversity  inclusion and belonging learning on and offline interesting problems to solve and camaraderie  from afar so that is pretty cool if you scroll down you’ll see more about them they have some  remote life kind of blogs over here that you can go ahead and take a look at but if you scroll down  you’ll see all of their benefits and perks you can work from anywhere you have a competitive salary  unlimited vacation policy great health care dental vision coverage retirement plan with 4  company match profit sharing 2 annual company retreats 2 awesome places 14 weeks paid leave  for new parents computer and software setup professional development allowance also it says  here that currently healthcare and retirement plans are only available to us uk and Canadian  employees all right so if you scroll down further you’ll see all of the job openings right now they  have jobs in accounting and finance business operations engineering they have insights and  design marketing operations they’re also hiring a ton for customer support okay so they have all of  these customer support jobs here if you actually check out the first one which is customer support  champion future roles and all time zones okay this one’s available anywhere you can click on that  and you will see everything you need all of the qualifications that you need for this job what  you need is at least one to two years experience in customer support and then if you’re empathetic  you obsess over details you love solving problems you love to write you’re persistent  so basically just a great team member overall and you love to help people this is a company  that you can always come back and look at because they’re usually always hiring for this position  so they’re always looking for people to do this and this is the whole package the location is  anywhere so their team is 400 plus distributed and over here you have all the benefits that you get  you also pick your own equipment we’ll set you up with whatever apple laptop plus monitor combo  you want plus any software you need so it’s going to be an apple product unlimited vacation policy  plus they require you to take at least two weeks off each year you get to work with  awesome companies around the world and it says while they take care of their international  folks as best they can currently health care and retirement plans are only available to us Canada  uk based employees so here is the average yearly salary for a customer support champion  so reportedly about thirty six thousand eight hundred and forty four dollars per year to become  a senior customer champion the salary is about 76 000 and the salary can range from 75 000 to 77  000 per year and this is according to some reviews on  so let’s keep on learning different ways to make money online.

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