YT Marketer By Chris Derenberger 2022

YT Marketer By Chris Derenberger 2022

Hi, I’m Darren welcome to my user of the YT Marketer system. Now what i wanted to do with my YT Marketer review is: do something a little bit different. Okay, I’m not just going to talk about stuff, that’s on the sales page um and then show you the generic video that um everybody’s, showing up like Chris made um. I’m going to show you briefly behind the scenes of the course itself. I can’t really go too deep into the actual course itself, but I’m going to show you behind the scenes obviously want to prove that i am actually used with the system. My YT Marketer review now, as the title says, subway I’m an active.

I’m also going to show you purchase proof um, but then, more importantly, what I want to do is I want to show you the channel that I actually created, and I want to show you what my results were um, not so much how I did it, but When I actually started the channel when I was getting views and obviously in the end where I actually got monetized um you’ll see all the stats you’ll see how it all sort of came about how it worked, and I actually monetized my whole channel in around about 18 days, which I’m going to show you the proof of that too, so without any further ado, okay, um I’m going to get into this! Now I’m going to be talking about a bonus as well, because obviously all the affiliates are giving away a bonus um, and I just want to say that the bonus that I’m giving away um is actually connected to the YT Marketer system. Okay, so nobody else is giving this bonus away um, it’s something that i thought about doing myself and it’s going to really help you out. If you want to um, join this program and and basically join through my link now, the link won’t be in the description. There will be a link in there, but that’s to go to my website where I talk a little bit more about the bonus itself.

I can’t really reveal it um on the actual channel itself for obvious reasons, but I will talk about that briefly in the video so we’ll get on with this, and I’m just going to show you briefly behind the scenes of my obviously warrior, plus account okay. So this is the purchase history, okay, so this is proofing I’ll. Just do a refresh on this page. Hopefully it won’t log me out so I’ll do a refresh on the page to prove that it’s definitely my page, it’s not a screenshot. So obviously, most of it’s blanked out, but, as you can see here, these two here you’ve got YT Marketer um 995 dollars.

So again, at this moment in time, I think it’s a 500 um discount offer that we can all give away um, which again you’ll get um on my site as well. I paid 995 for it now um i got in on the system itself when it was originally launched. I guess you can call it in beta mode um Chris, basically asking a Facebook group. Would we all like to learn how he you know? Does things on YouTube?

Everybody said yes, he created the course. That’s how it all came about, so i paid for that, and also I’m an active member of the Facebook group which I’m going to briefly show you shortly. I can’t again i can’t reveal too much because obviously there’s a lot of sensitive data on there, but you can see is a premium um, it’s a premium, Facebook group. So obviously i think it’s 37 a month. That’s what I’m paying um, but within that you’re getting an awful lot, because Chris is very active in the group.

If you ask anything, i mean i had a few problems earlier on um. Obviously, as I’m recording this video now, the launch is tomorrow, which i think you saw on the um, sawing actual sales page itself um, it’s still it’s not being launched yet, but i had a problem um and Chris he was actually active in the group um. I got an answer within a few minutes um and we got the problem resolved, so it’s absolutely worth paying the money for that as well. Okay, so that’s just like the life proof that i actually paid for the course. What I’ll do is I’m going to log into the um I’m going to log into the the system itself?

So I’m going to show you like my account. This is my account um, as you can see, I’m just logged in and there’s just a couple of things. I really want to show you about this system. Okay, I’m not going to reveal too much of it again, because Chris has asked us not to um, but i just want to show you here that um he’s actively building this course. It’s not just something that was working last year or the year before and he’s just like trying to make a few quid on it.

This is working today. You know everybody in the group is um they’ve, created YouTube channels and they’ve monetized them and they’re actually making money with these things now um. But I wanted to draw your attention to this okay, so it basically says during the first quarter of 2022. I will be adding a brand new section to this course covering affiliate marketing with YouTube, so he’s now developing like another course which he could easily sell for um. You know the same price as this he’s actually going to show you how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube using the system.

So I’m going to kind of briefly talking i mean. Obviously, there are other videos that talk about this, but i want to get really into the actual meat of my channel and show you what i did, but obviously this sort of talks you all the way through about setting up a YouTube channel the correct way. Now i didn’t know this at the time: um and the channel that you’re watching this video on isn’t the channel that i built by the way for this system itself. Okay, um. I made so many stakes with this channel um, but i guess it’s fortunate or unfortunate.

I wasted an awful lot of time, um and then obviously i got this system and built a different channel and that’s doing really well so far. Now I’ve not done anything else to it. Yet I’m going to explain that shortly. So basically, the first part of the course it talks you through actually building your your channel and creating it the correct way. I’M just gonna bring this video down a little bit because it looks like it’s too big, so yeah.

So you build the channel the correct way: okay and then he talks about creating the videos and outsourcing the videos. Now, if you’re, the kind of person that doesn’t want to create videos, um you want to outsource them. You’ve got to make sure that those videos have certain elements in them. If not, then you won’t get monetized it’s it’s. Basically that simple excuse me.

So basically, Chris will talk you through that he talks about outsourcing. Now he he’s got a couple of case studies on there, where one channel that he’s built he did the videos and the other channel. He built um they’ve been built with the outsourced, videos. Okay, so he shows you both systems, but again they have to have like these crucial elements in there else you won’t get monetized. Obviously then, he talks about the crucial watch time and the subscribers you’ve also got um like like results of the two or three weeks of obviously him building the channels getting approved stuff like that.

A little bit further down here. Um is the um the section where he talks all about rank in the course now. I can’t really show you that um, because it’s just gonna reveal too much okay. So that’s basically the system itself. Now.

What i really want to show you now is: i want to show you my proof, my statistics on my own channel. Okay. So obviously this is my channel um I’ll just do a again I’ll, just to refresh just to prove that it’s definitely my channel um. You know there’s no screenshots or any of that kind of business going on, and i want to draw your attention just above um, like my video, my my talking video okay, he’s. Obviously here um, which is um when i joined, so this channel was created on November.

The 4th 2021 – I got monetized for that channel and again a lot of it’s blanked out for obvious reasons um, but i became an associate to that channel on November, the 21st 2021, so it took roughly 18 days, okay from actually creating the channel uploading. The first video which I’ll show you shortly um when i actually uploaded it to actually getting it: monetized. Okay, it took 18 days I’ll, show you the statistics of that. So again, if you remember just back, I started the channel the fourth of November, okay, so from here you’ve got Monday, the 1st of November, obviously nothing because I hadn’t even started the channel um. Even on Saturday, the 6th of November, I hadn’t uploaded the first video that i uploaded was the 7th of November, so I uploaded the video.

I started the whole process off um. I chose the right keywords i needed to choose, for it did a little bit of research created the video did all the uploading basically followed the YT Marketer system um. On that Sunday um i got like 1006 1067 reviews, then it sort of like picks up to 2299. It dropped down a little bit because you’re sort of going through the week um and then it picked right up to sort of six thousand three hundred um and 49 49 views. Now, that’s kind of like obviously using the system, and also google or YouTube, is actually promoting it, because a lot of those views were coming in from a lot of those views were coming from the suggested videos.

So, although i was using the system as well, um YouTube was actually promoting those videos. Okay, so that’s like really important to realize um and then obviously it’s like peeking and coughing again, so that’s kind of how i you know was able to like monetize a channel from start to finish in in sort of like 20, less than less than 20 days. 18 days sort of things, obviously you can see at that time. There was like 29 000 views. Obviously, 29 eight um.

I got just over five thousand dollars of watch time on the channel now uh 1.5 um k subscribers and obviously this is kind of showing you the revenue now have. I made a million dollars out of the channel now, if not um, because I’ve said I created this channel purely to see if the system worked. Obviously clearly it does. You can see that um and I just draw your attention to this again.

It’s all blanked out, rather than you can sort of see, there’s only three videos on there. So that’s all I did. I created three videos um that Chris basically recommends minimum of two. I created three just to try and speed the process up a little bit, but I was still able to get it monetized now, if you’ve built a YouTube channel before you’ve tried YouTube in the past again this channel that I’ve got um this video one um, I Started back in think it was this time last year, actually um and it it just did absolutely nothing. I mean I struggled like mad to get it anywhere where it should be um.

With this channel. Three videos go through the system. I’ve actually got it monetized within a week well within 20, 20 days, that’s the actual system, so i mean, if you’re, really thinking about this – and you really want to get on to you – know sort of get on board with the with the YT Marketing system, then By hands down, this really is like one of the best courses, if not the best course that you’ll ever buy um, because it basically does what it says on the tin now. What i wanted to talk to you about briefly is about the bonus system. Okay, that I’m giving okay I’m giving away a bonus all your affiliates are, I’m not going to talk about it, but all I’m going to say to you is it’s going to help you with the YT market system?

It is with another video on talking about the bonus itself, um and obviously the terms and conditions and all that kind of stuff um. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. I hope it’s kind of brought a little bit more clarity on the actual system as well, rather than just like you know, listening to like the usual reviews, you’ve got that’s like life proof that the system actually works. I hope that you take on board like you’re. Actually going to do this because it hands down works.

So thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you in the group

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