YouTube Ranking & Optimization Mastery | Learn Traffic Jeet Tool

Welcome to the YouTube Channel Creator & Learn all secrets about YouTube Channel here !
YouTube Ranking & Optimization Mastery | Learn Traffic Jeet Tool

Thinking about building your YouTube channel into a business?
YouTube ranking factors : The top ranking signals to optimize for are:
Watch time:
Video length:
Number of subscribers:
User interaction: Sharing, commenting, liking, subscribing, linking.

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1. Traffic basics
Organic Traffic on YouTube
How YouTube gets Traffic
How can you get Traffic from YouTube

2. YouTube Ranking Techniques
Keyword Research fro YouTube Ranking
The Role of BackLinks in Ranking
Optimizing Title
Optimizing Description
Optimizing Tags
Best Custom Thumbnails
Closed Captions
About Playlists
Keywords in Comments
Keywords in Filenames
Changing MetaData Over Time
Unsubscribed Trailers

3. Traffic Engagement Techniques
Calls To Actions (CTA)
In-Video Programming

4. Optimizing Content
Using YouTube Cards
Cards Demonstration

5. Audience Support
Likes and Dislikes
Favorited Vides
Audience Retention

6. Leverage Social Media
Using FaceBook
Using Twitter
Using Google

7. YouTube Analytics
YouTube analytics
Analyzing Traffic Sources
Analyzing Audience Retention
Analyzing Annotations
Channel Setting
YouTube Creation Tools

8. Other Analyzing Tools
Social Blade
Traffic Jeet

9. YouTube Channel Monetization
Monetize through Services
Monetize through Google Ads
Sell things on YouTube
Grab Leads
Get Traffic to your Website

10. Conclusion of this course
The Final Word

11. Tips
How to get free advertising from YouTube
How to tap into you most engaged audience on YouTube, Message them amd even em

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