“Studying Marketing At University” With Loreta Tale | Episode 9 | Millennial Marketers Podcast

We speak to Loreta Tale; photographer, student, and head of the University of Greenwich Business Society, and discuss what it’s like to study marketing at university.

We are the millennial marketers, together we run a digital marketing agency based in London., where we will help SMEs grow and scale through social media.

On this channel we help business owners, entrepreneurs and people to Reach the millennial target market, grow through digital marketing and be social on social media.

We make videos with the best tips, tricks and strategies to manage your social media and crush it with branding, influencer marketing and Facebook advertising. We believe that social media and digital marketing is the best way to: Grow a loyal audience, increase your sales and establish your brand as a thought leader.


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Affiliate Marketing For Non-Professionals

What is affiliate advertising and that should care? Brand-new individuals come to the Internet daily. Lots of fall short at cash making chances online due to the fact that they lack appropriate details. This short article will assist make feeling of the various sorts of advertising and marketing as well.

How To Start Making Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

The area of affiliate advertising is most likely the quickest developing means to make money online. Nevertheless, billions of regular people utilize net everyday. Associate marketing offers you the possibility to target potential customers no matter their place on the planet.

Sharing Sunny Costa Calida With an English Visitor

My daughter will be concerning Spain this week for some sunshine and reprieve from a cool English winter. I maintain reading about rainfall, snow and fog as we indulge in noontime temperature levels around 20 degrees. I maintain telling her and good friends concerning the gorgeous beaches around right here, and also making friends in the UK jealous. She is also coming as she put it “to my rescue” as I am restricted to a mobility device momentarily due to a broken leg.

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