John Crestani Internet Jetset Review – John Crestani SCAM – INTERNET JETSET SCAM AFFILIATE MARKETING

Notice every Internet Jetset review has a John Crestani affiliate link? Not this one. Want to learn affiliate marketing? Have you seen John Crestani ads on all of your YouTube ads? Find the truth out in this video as I go over John Crestanis Internet Jetset and the free webinar he provides. Now I did not actually sign up for the Internet Jetset course so its not really a john crestani review, but more so a review of the introductory webinar he is advertising. I sat through his webinar and was a little disturbed about not only what he was selling it, but what he was advising others to do. Now if you are an affiliate marketer already this video isn’t for you as much as it is for the beginners looking to get into affiliate marketing. Why? Because I don’t want them mislead getting into the industry and expecting a bunch of traffic and conversions, when that is not the reality. I like affiliate marketing, but I hate affiliate marketers who scam, lie and deceive to get link clicks. You can be a great affiliate marketer telling the truth, no need to lie. This is why I call John Crestani a scam, because he is essentially teaching people and charging them to learn how to scam by making fake reviews on products and services that they have never tried.
I have no problem with people selling a service or education and getting compensated for their time, however making claims that they will replace their income and work from home by learning their simple steps, that has all the makings of a scam. Even worse, in the internet jetset webinar he even says you will waste hours and leave thousands on the table by trying to learn yourself. Again that is why I think John Crestani is scam because the truth of the matter is that you can figure out how to do this very simply, because the information is everywhere. The only secret about all of this is how to get traffic,that is the hardest part. I don’t think he has it because he would be charging way more than $50 for it and he would use it himself instead of paying thousands for youtube ads, just look at John Crestanis youtube channel. Best part of all this, he got a bunch of people to pay him to teach him how to market the same bs they bought, that is why all the internet jetset review videos are just affiliates getting you to try to buy john crestanis system.

So hopefully this helps you guys out and if you have any questions. Sorry if this angered you or is making you lose money if you are a John Crestani affiliate, that was not my intention I just want to better educate consumers who think their life will be changed and that they can work from home and make money online by buying some $50 system. You guys have to realize these are real people, with real families. They are putting hope and trust into you, while you know very well your intention. Step it up and raise your standards. You can do affiliate marketing and become successful doing it the right way. Sure its harder, but don’t cop out at the expense of others.

Everything said in this video is solely my opinion and should not to be misconstrued to be taken as claims nor do I warrant the accuracy or truth of everything said, do your own research and due diligence.

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