Content Vs. Promos: What Most Marketers Don’t Know…

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Content or promo, what should you do more of?

This is a problem that most marketers face because it’s tricky.

You don’t want give too much content, because your audience might come to expect only that from you. So you might lose them if you try to promote your offers.

On the other hand, if you promote to your list too much, you might turn them off and lose them.

So what should you do more?

I say do both, but there’s a catch. You have to do find a balance, where both build off each.

If you can do pull this off, your email revenue will skyrocket.



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“Lead Fighter” — That’s the title Anik Singal gives himself as a high-energy, trailblazing Entrepreneur.

Anik got his start in the online scene back in 2003 from his college dorm room.

Ever since then he’s gone on to build 6 successful companies, launched 22 top brands, generated over $250 Million in sales, and taught over 250,000 students worldwide – how to start, grow, and scale a successful online business.

As the founder of Lurn, Inc.,

Anik Singal’s passion is in creating dynamic online classroom environments that teach people how to enhance their business, financial, and personal lives.

Anik Singal has become a go-to authority in the areas of…

✅Digital Publishing.
✅Event-Based Marketing.
✅Product Launches.
✅Email Marketing.

Anik has been voted one of the Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek Magazine. In addition, his company earned the prestigious Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America two years in a row.

All of Anik’s experiences have made him the person he is today…

From struggling for 18 months when he first started, then successfully building his business to over $10 Million a year.

Then losing it all and falling to $1.7 Million in debt and almost declaring bankruptcy.

Bouncing back and generating over $10 million in 16 months, paying back all of his debt and he hasn’t looked back since.

He’s worked with and has been endorsed by some of the most influential Entrepreneurs of our time…

Including Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Daymond John, Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, and many more.

Anik is a dreamer. A thinker. A fighter. Most importantly, Anik is a teacher.

His immediate goal is empowering 1 Million Entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams by the end of 2019.




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Content Vs. Promos: What Most Marketers Don’t Know…

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