Adplify Track Your Ads | Software For Facebook Ads Adplify

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Adplify Track Your Ads | Software For Facebook Ads Adplify

Adplify review. So what’s going on guys. This is Maaz here. As you can tell by today’s video title, I’m going to be doing Adplify review. So basically if you want to run profitable Facebook ads, then I have got a very amazing tool for you today.

That is Adplify. It allows you to lower your ad costs by using the seven tools that are built into one system. I’m going to show you every detail about Adplify what you can expect from this tool.

So stay tuned with me to the end. I’ll also show you Adplify features, Adplify pricing, and do Adplify have any money back guarantee and the Adplify demo together. And we’ll also see do Adplify have any upsell, down sell. So now pay close attention to this below this video will be a link that will take you to my website, where you will also learn about this tool in depth. And you can get Adplify there with 40% off at early bird discount price, and you will also get my exclusive more than $10,000 worth of Adplify bonuses for completely free. If you happen to buy Adplify from the link given in the description, I think intro has got a little bit long. So now just hope straight into the Adplify review.

So now see what is Adplify and what you can expect from this software Adplify is the ultimate tool set for every internet marketer. It has everything they need to finally make Facebook ads profitable, no matter what niche they’re in Adplify can track the ads of anyone you want and be notified when they release a new ad.


Always know what your competition or favorite guru is going with his ads. It can give you an unfair advantage over your competition. This is only the first tool out of all seven tools.

It has much more amazing features and tools in a single platform, as you can see on my screen, but we’ll see all of them inside the Adplify demo. So this all was the only theory. Now let’s see a practical demo of the Adplify software with Mr. Cyrill Jeet. He is the founder of Adplify and my good friend further.

He will proceed with the Adplify demo from his window. Hey guys, this is subtle GTO, best friend in internet marketing. And today I want to give you a quick demo of Adplify. This is the most powerful seven in one Facebook ad suite that is going to help you drive an insane amount of traffic, high converting traffic to absolutely any niche, any landing page you want and claim some amazing success from Facebook advertising.

We’ve been implementing Adplify strategies in our advertising and the results are mind-blowing.

So we’ve been able to get 322 sales from Facebook advertising for just $315 ad spend. That’s like $1 per sale. Actually it’s less than $1. And then another campaign that we ran, we had 36 purchases for 23 cents per purchase. That’s really crazy.

And in the third campaign, we have 69 purchase for a dollar and a half per purchase.


So that’s what we’ve been doing through amplifies unique systems. Watch this video very carefully and you will see exactly how we can generate such amazing results and how you can generate these kinds of results in your business. So right now I’m in the Adplify dashboard. I’ve logged in and Adplify is actually a SAAS.

That’s a combination of seven different SAS products. So if you’ve been in the market, if you’ve tried anything to grow your Facebook ad results, to get better results from Facebook, you have probably been spending on one of these SAS products outside of Adplify and paying more every month in Adplify.

What we’ve done is we have studied the market, found exactly the tool set that makes a difference to your marketing. And we’ve put everything together in one product, no need to pay separately for everything, no need to log in and log out of product. All the Adplify.

We’ll just take care of all your Facebook ad requirements to get you better conversions, better retargeting and better sales from every single cent that you spend on Facebook. So the first thing that we have inside of Adplify is the ad watcher. And this is a really, really unique utility that is going to let you monitor and track live track the ads of anyone you want. So you can track your competition.

You can track the gurus.

You can just add anyone you want to track by the Facebook page ID or the URL just paste it here, and their ads can be tracked. And then you can see the ads anytime you want. So you will be able to revisit their pages and see the ads that they’re running. For example, this is the, this is the Puma page and you can see what are the ads they’re running. So these are the ads they’re running.

When they started running them, you can see all those details. And the best thing is any time they release a new ad. Anytime this page releases a new ad, you are going to get a notification in your email. Here’s a sample email daily. You will get an update of all the ads that have been added to any Facebook page that you’ve been tracking.

And you can just click on that link to see the ads and see what are the new ads that this particular page has released.


And this is a great way to stay abreast of what your competition is doing. What’s happening in the market, what the gurus are doing without having to troll through an aged and outdated ad library. Because here, what you see is the latest stuff you get notified live, and you will know every time your competition does a new ad. Imagine being able to preempt, being able to react and being able to make sure that you are at the top of the market.

Well, that is not all there is in Adplify. The second thing we have is the interest finder, and this is a really amazing tool that gives you access to literally tens of thousands of hidden audiences and interests that you cannot find inside of Facebook ad manager. So all you need to do is enter a keyword, like for example, shoes, and you can select the language and the region.

If you want, then click on search and Adplify is going to troll Facebook’s API APIs. And it’s going to give you a bunch of hidden audiences, hidden tools, completely the number of people that are in the audience, and you can target them right away.

So you can have groups where you can add audiences, and then you can take the groups to your Facebook advertising. For example, let’s say, if you’re going to target kids and you’re going to target, you can add all these audiences to the group, to the collection that you’ve created.


And once you’ve trolled through the thousands of audiences that you get, that you have found inside of Adplify, you can then add those audiences to your Facebook advertising and benefit because these are the audiences that nobody is targeting. Your customers will be a part of a group that your competition isn’t targeting because they are using the Facebook’s default system inside the ad manager. And they don’t even know that these amazing audiences exist.

You can target these audiences, reach those exclusive customers, make those sales and get a higher amount of sales per cent spent per dollar spent on Facebook. So this is another amazing feature, which is a part of Adplify. And it’s going to give you access to audiences and interest that nobody asks, frankly, just the ad water and the interest finder are enough to make a major difference in your Facebook advertising.

But we are going to go all the way. And the next tool that I have for you is the retarget filter.

And this is an amazing, amazing tool that will put your retargeting into supercharged mode. So what this gives you is behavioral retargeting. And with this system, with the retarget filter, you will be able to filter people. You’ll be able to target people based on the specific actions that they take on the page. Things like how much time have they spent on the site?

How much of the page have this crawled? What language are they coming from? What language are they using using Facebook in? What is the referral? Which site are they’re referred from?

Like, if you want to target the users of a particular blog, people who’ve come to you from a particular site or referral source. You can do that inside of Adplify. How many times have you had they come back to your site? If you’re targeting people who have come back to your site multiple times, you know, those guys are going to convert.

They just need a little push and you can target them specifically.

You can target people who visited in a certain rate range. Like let’s say you have got a special sale during some time, and you want to target only the people who visited your site during that sale, you can do that. You can target people according to the device that they’re using. And also if you’re running a special campaign online on Facebook, you can target people based on that campaign. Now this is actually going to make a huge difference in your sales because see, basically retargeting is good, but you’re targeting everyone in the same manner.

When you supercharge your retargeting, you are going to have two benefits. Number one, your ad costs are going to be super low because you are going to target people who are super engaged. These are the, actually the guys who buy, even if you target a hundred, a thousand people a day or run a thousand impressions a day, it’s those 50 or 30 people that are going to buy.

So with this tool, you can discover exactly those 30 people. You can maybe narrow down your audience to a bunch of hundred, 150 mega 30 sales at a pittance, a fraction of your costs.

And that is again, going to make a big difference because you don’t get, you’re going to get more sales with less Facebook spend guys so far. This is only the tool. Number three, we are just warming up. And the next thing that you have is, again, an amazing feature.

This is email to audience and with email to audience, what you can do is you can convert all your autoresponder lists into retargeting source.

So here’s the thing. Maybe you have multiple landing pages running, you’re running ads to them, or you are, you’re capturing your leads from another manner, maybe a webinars, or you’re running some organic traffic, or you’re running some paid traffic from solo ads, whatever you’re doing, you’re getting leads into your autoresponder all the time. And these leads have just signed up to you. They are hot, they’re ready. And all you need to do to get them to purchase to convert is to just give them a little push, tell them about the product that they’re missing and they’re going to buy it right then.

So what this tool lets you do is it will automatically take all the leads that are coming into your responder and put them into any Facebook audience you want. And that is truly amazing because what’s going to happen is you’re going to have the leads coming into your autoresponder. The leads are going to be sent right away into your Facebook audience. You’ll be able to strike the iron right when it’s hot. And it’s very easy to do this.

All you need to do is add a custom audience, give it a name, add your Facebook account there. Then you can go into, autoresponders add that responder you want, and then quickly connect the list to that responder.

So you can connect as many as you want. And it’s going to show you exactly how many leads were sent on a certain date. And that’s it.

Anytime a new lead comes into your autoresponder Adplify is going to pull that lead and feed it right to your audience. So strike that iron when it’s still hot, make those sales. And again, this will also get you those twin benefits, your ad costs are going to be lower and you’re going to make more sales because you are getting to your customer at the perfect time.

Honestly, just for these four tools, customers, people have been paying like $30 a month, $49 a month, $50 a month outside of Adplify. And today the deal that you have on Adplify are these four tools and more because we are not done yet.

This was only the tool. Number four, the next we have the ad decorator. And this is an amazing little utility, amazing little tool that makes a big difference. Now you have seen those perfect ads on Facebook. That looks something like this.

Now, when you put emojis in your ad, they’re going to attract the attention. They’re going to make your ad look less boring because every other content on Facebook is not like your ad. People are gonna be attracted to your ads and they’re going to respond better. And this tool makes it super easy. So everything is right here to make this a super cool experience for you.

Let’s say you want to add some arrows to your texts. Let me show you how that’s done. So I took away the stars from my list and I’m going to replace it with arrow. And that’s very easy.

I’m just going to go into the list more inside of Adplify decorator, and I’m going to choose the arrow.

Let’s say we go use this one and click on it. And in one goal, your entire list is selected. So basically add the creator in Adplify has multiple modes. I just showed you the list mode, which makes your list work with emojis in seconds. Then we also have the enclosed mode.



We have the single emoji entry mode and we have the repeat mode. So I’m going to show you the enclose mode. Now let’s say you want to just enclose this little text into something attractive. Uh, let’s put a nice little icon over here like this one. And I just select the text.

I use the enclosed most. Then I click on the emoji and it’s enclosed in the emoji that I selected right away. Then we also have the repeat imaging mode. Let’s say you want to make a separator or you want to put an emoji, reputed emojis, certain number of times let’s make, let’s make something nice. Let’s put a bunch of yellow hearts in there.

So I’m going to select the repeat mode. Then I’m going to select the number of times. I want to repeat this emoji and click here, and I have a nice separator inserted.


So this way you can actually make amazing looking text ads for your Facebook graphics, for your Facebook ads. Without having to spend a lot of time.

Imagine doing this manually, you’ll be changing browser tabs all day. You’ll be copying and pasting all day. But with the emoji maker, with the ad decorator, it’s super easy. Everything is right here for you. The flags are here, the smell, the smileys are there.

The numbers are here. We got a bunch of attention grabbers, and you can search for anything. For example, if you want hand, you can get a number of, you can get a number of emojis for hand.


You can put in anything you want and the advocator will give you instant access to this. It makes making amazing, amazing ads, a piece of cake.

And again, it’s the same thing. When you run these ads, you’re going to get better CTRs. You’re going to get better clicks, better visits, more visits on your sales pages and more sales.


So this is how easy it can be. You’re sort of doing things in hours.

You’ll be doing them in minutes with Adplify. We have the next page targeting, and this is an again an amazing new, innovative tool that will let you find fantastic audiences for your, for your ads. And it does this time. It does it this time by letting you find pages that are in your niche. So again, I’m going to use the shoes example type in any keyword you want, then select the number of pages you want to get.

And click on search Adplify is going to do some live search, and it’s going to find you amazing pages that you can target. And you can target these pages for two things. You can either use them to make a strategy for yourself. Like you can see the top pages in your niche.


You can see what they’re doing with their business, and you can then probably design your content or design your marketing around what they’re doing, or you can even target their audiences.

So if there is any page that has a lot of data, that has a huge number of following, you can target their audiences and you’ll be able to find that you are able to run ads even to your competitors, to the market leaders in your niche. And again, in this case too, these are the audiences. These are the hidden interests that you are not going to find inside of the Facebook ad manager. And this is the only way you can find it. The next tool we have is the Facebook ad ROI calculator.

And what this lets you do is it lets you find out what your ads are going to do when you scale up. So based on the mega data you have, when you scale up your ads, you often find that as soon as you scale up, your ads become unprofitable and that is a vestige of money.


But with the Facebook ROI calculator, you can put this data in, put your estimates in and you will know exactly how much profit you can expect. Let’s say your conversion rate, you specify your conversion rate. You specify what pay, what percentage of leads.

You turn into customers, you specify your sales amount. And it’s going to tell you exactly what kind of profit you would make at what number of impressions. And you can use this tool to play with the numbers, to move around the bars a little bit and find out exactly what you need to do to reach that sweet spot of profit.


When you get the maximum returns for the minimum amount of investment. So these are seven amazing tools inside of Adplify.

And this is in totality, the most powerful Facebook ads to suit that you will ever see that you have ever seen. And this is a must have. If you’re going to run Facebook ads, if you’re going to spend money on Facebook ads, this tool is a must have.


If you don’t have Adplify, you’re going to have to spend on something that is three X as expensive and giving you only one seventh of what Adplify does. So here’s the thing use over 30 days, money back guarantee your purchase is absolutely protected if you don’t like what Adplify does for you.

And there is no way you won’t like it.


You can come to us right inside of 30 days, tell us, and we will refund your money right back. But I know that you’re going to love Adplify. You’re going to join the thousands of satisfied customers. We have thousands of people who use our products and you’re going to be an amazing supporter of our brand and our products.

Like all the people who have seen Adplify so far. So go ahead, take a look at that. I make it yours and bring Facebook ad success to yourself, like no time.


So that was Mr. Cyrill Jeet and he gives an excellent Adplify demo.

So now see the pricing and upsells of Adplify. I believe right now the front end price of Adplify is only $37 and it comes with 30 days risk-free money back guarantee and yes, Adplify also offers few optional upsells since the video is getting very long. Therefore I am not covering them in this video to learn more about Adplify and its upsells.


Please click the link given in the description and to get my exclusive more than $10,000 worth of bonuses, click the link, given the description and claim them now. And thanks for watching today’s video, make sure to leave a, like if you did find value in today’s video that does support the channel and support the actual video.

So more people can get value from this video as well. And yeah. Thanks for watching today’s Adplifyreview..

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