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6 Marketing Problems Of 2021 And How To Fix Them

The internet has changed the world. Most would say for the better, especially those of us running an online business. When it comes to business, marketing has never been so easy as it is today – with access to a plethora of digital marketing channels.

But, with ease of access come more challenges.

Despite there being so many ways to get our message out there, the scale of options in marketing can cause headaches. Some of these are well publicized, others are more of the sort that are just annoying.
As a digital marketer, these are some of the common problems that you may encounter in 2021.
1. Outdated information

One of the big problems with a fast-changing digital environment is the fact that things change. And not everyone stays up to date or even takes those changes on board.

If you’re working with a marketing manager who is a bit out of the loop, this can present problems in the form of outdated practices.
With things like search engine optimization, the updates come thick and fast and, in all honesty, no-one really knows exactly what changes have even been presented.
As a content marketer, catching up with what Google have changed is part of what I do. But small businesses, freelancers and even bigger corporate marketing managers struggle to make sense of the changes and implement them, meaning that some marketing efforts aren’t quite as successful as they’d hope.
The solution?

Google put the details of their updates on the Search Central site. If you’re doing any form of content marketing, it’s worth checking in from time to time.

It’s also a good idea to follow marketers on Twitter or Linkedin to stay up to date. Neil Patel is an essential follow for anyone in content marketing.

And sites like Search Engine Journal are also crucial for up-to-date info on current trends in the world of search marketing.

2. So many tools!

Keyword research? Competitor analysis? Task management and team communications?

Todays professional marketer has an insane array of tabs open on the top of their browser at any one time. From Trello, Zoom and Slack, to Google Sheets, Monday, Ahrefs and SpyFu.
On top of this, weighing up the benefits of a pro package versus the free option can be a headache too. Can I make do with the free version of Uber Suggest? Should I get SEM Rush or Ahrefs for keyword research?
Considering that many of our jobs didn’t even exist 20 years ago, the problem of choosing effective tools is one that most marketers are ill equipped to deal with.
The solution?

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