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11 Reasons Why you Need Article Forge

Today we’re going to do an Article Forge review and I’m going to show you the 11 reasons why you need article forge and no other content creator first of all if you saw this video on the first page of YouTube or google rings and you want to know how i did that check my course below and i show you step by step everything i do in every video campaign so that i can get top rankings now let’s dive into the content all right so first and foremost article 4 everybody showed it to you it’s super super easy to be able to create an article that passes Copyscape which is super important for being able to rank content or add it to other content that you’re going to be using all you do is you select the main keyword that you want to get an article for you select the language that you want English Dutch French German Italian Portuguese or Spanish and then you go ahead and put in your sub keywords one per line you’re going to go ahead and select the article length i always do the long word 750 now currently they do have the unlimited plan i believe that they are also going to be going to a limited plan based on usage so you have to check out and see what they currently have but for SEO you can add h tags or titles you can add a stock image you can add a video if you want if you are not adding this to content where you’re embedding a video with the same type of information this is great for when you’re embedding your video on your blog you can also replace keywords with links so if you want to go ahead and replace maybe like the main keyword then you can replace it with a link to that specific product or to an inner page for better SEO ranking you can post it automatically to your WordPress blog if you have it set up inside of article forge all you do is you create new article you can literally create an article with a couple of clicks you wait a minute or two for it to create and it’s ready to go now the second reason why article forge is amazing is it also has bulk article generator so now how you do this is you do keyword comma sub keyword comma sub keyword you just got to make sure that your keywords do not have any commas dashes hyphens anything like that so I’ve got three articles that i want to create here on the bulk editor you need to make sure that you are subscribed to a plan so that you can use it you cannot be in the trial to be able to use bulk articles but basically all you do is you just click in the box you put in your keywords separated by commas you can put up to five sub keywords per line and then you go ahead and select how many words you want add titles add an image add a video if you want replace keywords with links so we’re going to go ahead and create our article here we’re gonna have three articles words generated 2250 and the great thing is if you have similar keywords that you’re going to be working with you can create one hub article or silo content talking about several pieces of your main product your main idea in the niche so that it can be an anchor article and it’ll give you the opportunity to get better rankings with the content that you have with lsi keywords so right here it’s going to tell you how many are generated now you can generate 200 000 words a month using the api the bulk generator and the WordPress post scheduler and then after that you can do 25 cents per thousand words but the great thing is if you’re using the manual input where you have the article just creating one article at a time currently they’re running unlimited which is pretty awesome so we’re gonna go ahead and say submit it’s gonna go ahead and create our articles this is gonna take about three times as long but you can go ahead and close this you can expand it if you want and then you can go ahead and go off and do something else so you can have this working in the background creating you high quality content that will pass Copyscape and give you the ability to put this on your tier one blogs your authority site or you can use it for other posting other places so that is the second reason why article forge is a must-have the third reason is article forge is getting ready to get an integration with your instant video empire or YIVE 3.0 that is at yap.com and this actually makes mass videos and it creates hundreds or thousands of videos at a time and you will actually be able to have the integration with article forge so that it can create the content for your videos and then you can also have it spun as well also the fourth reason why you need article forge it’s integrated with YIVE sites so you can actually use the article forge integration for y sites to do auto posting on the website itself so you have automated websites and automated posts coming from your ai automated content from article forge which is pretty awesome the fifth reason is YT evolution that’s at YT evolution.com and this here actually makes websites by pulling in videos from your channel or from other people’s channels and the great thing is not only will it pull in the description if you want it it’s getting ready to pull in the video transcription and it’s also going to allow you to do article forge content in the bottom based on the keyword from your video so you can have ranking content automatically without ever touching it so it’s super awesome also the sixth reason why you need article forge it integrates with cyber seo pro which is an auto posting with news feeds so you can have auto websites on your WordPress blog and you can use that with article forge the seventh reason is it integrates with se nuke tng pro and you can actually get lifetime licenses for this so you can use the content from article forge and have that do all of your backlinking for your websites if you’ve got some friends that need it you can also get discounted access and lifetime access for three licenses which cuts down the cost considerably and you can integrate it with article forge the eighth reason is it integrates with GSA search engine ranker once again unique content passes Copyscape can now be put on all your backlinking web 2.0 sites it also integrates with ranker x this one is an oldie but goodie but you can also put article forge into the content for ranker x also creating your backlinks of web 2.

0 it also integrates with SEO autopilot once again article forge comes to the rescue with unique Copyscape passing con and it also integrates with word ai now with word ai you can actually use article forge inside the word ai dashboard or word ai inside the article forge dashboard so that is 11 reasons why article forge is awesome and you definitely need to take a look at it so we have this one here that was created so you see here with our 750 word content it gives you a very nice already segmented article that you can post anywhere because it’s going to pass Copyscape it already comes with a picture but you have the ability to also include a video it has its h tags in here you can come up to the top and you can export it as a text export it as an html export it as a pdf or post it to your WordPress website that you have logged in to the dashboard here you can copy the content if you want and you can copy it as text or you can grab the html and take that as well now like i said word ai has a built-in inside the dashboard so if you also have that you can spin it up to 10 times and so you can have 10 variations of unique articles all spun together and so that you can use that feature as well hopefully this was informative i hope that you enjoyed your article forge review and the 11 reasons why article forge is a no-brainer and you should get this over other ai high quality article creators for your money site content smack that thumbs up make sure you subscribe and leave a comment on how many times you’ve used this or if you’re interested in using it yourself.


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