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YT Marketer Promo Code $500 DISCOUNT

I just spent a thousand dollars on an online course. Let’s get straight into it, I just spent a thousand dollars, which is the most I’ve ever spent on an online course, and the course is called YT Marketer I’ll go ahead and leave a link below. If you want to go and purchase it, I’m not the sort of person who tends to buy online courses. In fact, I tend to run the other way whenever i see an online course run, but sometimes you get legitimate influences people who have actually proven themselves online and, from my own knowledge, I’ve seen that they implement very modern and working methods in that general online activities. I’m not talking about the manipulative care that money making money grabbing sort of ways.

Oh i like money. What inspired you to build a second krusty krab right next door to the original money, I’m talking about actual legitimate, algorithm, manipulating sort of methods that are not trying to scam people out of money. So I thought, hey being the opportunist. I am I’ll create a case study on my progress now. Obviously, different people will get different results throughout the course.

So perhaps my experience with this course might be a bit more successful than others, or perhaps your success with this course might be a little faster than mine, but either way I’m going to document the whole experience now I just want to authenticate what I’m saying. So, let’s head over to my screen and I’ll show you what’s going on. This is the course that I’ve just purchased and it’s promising in-depth case studies showing you the secrets to getting monetized and ranking on YouTube, and the claims are basically you. If you follow these instructions step by step, you can get brand new YouTube accounts monetized within nine days now, as an experienced YouTuber myself, that is pretty difficult to do the fastest I’ve ever gotten an account. Monetized is in 30 days, which don’t get me wrong.

It’s still pretty good and I’m slightly bragging of that, but if I can speed up that process with brand new accounts, that would be absolutely insane. So I want to see if that’s actually possible, so in other words it’s a little bit of a make money course. But using YouTube and earning through YouTube AdSense, as well as other monetary methods such as affiliate marketing and even potentially sponsorships, but that’s not what they call sales. The course specifically sells on how to grow a YouTube channel and get it monetized within a very small amount of time. We have a quick look at my screen.

You can actually see the price is 995 and when I click on my link, which I’m gonna have to blur out, unfortunately, you can see that i have the product YT Marketer purchase on this date: sale price. Okay! Now I don’t really want to scroll down and show you the rest of the content, because that will mean I’m kind of leaking the material, because it’s sharing videos with snippets of the information and the YouTube channels that he’s created and that’s not really found that creator. Um but I purchased the course i want to document it. So let’s go ahead and jump into week, one.

Here we are in social blade. Obviously I need to blow out some stuff. It wouldn’t really be fair if I started revealing all of the methods, etc., etc. But, as you can see, i have uploaded four videos and I’ve amassed five subscribers as well as 6 000 views now. Unfortunately, this won’t show the day-to-day uh the day-to-day analytics.

Only because you can’t get listed on a social blade until you have five subscribers, but either way you can see that this account. This user was created on the 4th of November 2021, and that is when i purchased the course, but in the dashboard – and you can see, I’ve had 1 500 hours of watch time and followed by subscribers. It’s always a little slow. You can see. We’ve got a steady flow of traffic, and here we are on the front of this site, which is pretty cool.

You can see. We’ve got all of those views right there. I’ve not uploaded anything today only because I it’s Monday, so we’ve just come back from the weekend, but I will likely upload another video soon heading over to the Facebook group, where you would pay an extra 37 a month you can see the founder is being very Helpful and asking people what sort of the content they want he’s, also answering everything and right here, nine hours ago, from this video, you can see he’s added another section into his training, which, of course, all people who purchase the training will get lifetime updates. Now we’re already halfway there in terms of watch hours, we need to do something to get more subscribers, which I have every confidence that, as these videos start gaining a bit more traction these subscribers will start coming in, but we are 1 500 hours in which means That we are only 2 to 500 hours away, so I reckon we’re gonna be able to get that within the next six to ten days, which will make it two weeks and hopefully, by that point we will have the subscribers. We need the watch hours we need and then we can finally click that button which I’ll do live.

I purchased this course on the 4th of November 2021. It’s now the 12th of November 2021, which means that that is eight days since I started this whole journey and within eight days as you can see right here, we have 1090 subscribers uh, just short of 5000 public watch hours, um, everything’s verified and I’ve had no Community guidelines strike, so the next step is to apply now to start we’re going to go ahead and accept we’re going to sign up for google AdSense. I already have a Google AdSense, okay, I’m going to go ahead and accept association, okay and that’s it now we’re just waiting to be accepted. [ Music ] today is the 15th of November 2021, which means that’s 11 days from when i purchased. The YT Marketer course created a channel uh, followed all the instructions and then on the 12th of November I applied for monetization, and today I have some good news.

Let me switch over to my screen. My channel has been officially monetized so that actually took me 11 days from purchasing the course – and I didn’t work on the weekend so minus two days, which is actually nine days from creating a channel to monetization. So let’s go ahead and click the get started button. But I’ve got the monetize, your video uh, your videos uh, so let’s go ahead and turn on ads. Okay and there we have it all.

The monetization has been enabled, apart from this one, just press save and there we go so the question is: is YT Marketer worth the price tag? This is coming from someone who has managed to get monetization without this course and, like I said earlier on the shortest time, I’ve managed to do it was 30 days, but after taking this course, it took me 11 days from a brand new channel to a monetized Channel now, when I buy a course, I break it down into a few areas. Number one is the creator, an experienced and authentic character? Well, yes, he absolutely was hence why I even purchased the course was the course broken down into digestible action-based content. Yes, it absolutely was.

It was unbelievably specific straight to the point and there was no jargon whatsoever. Everything was explained. There was no faff, no babbling just action. Does the training contain some sort of over-the-shoulder training that, when it comes to these sort of things, is absolutely necessary because it creates a little bit more trust and you can see it live which builds up your own confidence? Yes, there are, in fact two live case studies going on in the course, and because i was one of the early ones into the course i actually saw the growth of the channels in not only live on video, but also live in real time.

That’s right! When I joined the course one of the live channels, hadn’t even yet been monetized, and then it got monetized as i progressed in the course also did I get results from this yeah. Absolutely the course did what it said on the 10, which is getting you a monetized channel with absolute ease, and that was exactly what the course taught and finally, one last question: are other people getting results. So let me jump over to the sales page of yt. Marketer, because i can vouch I’ve seen every single one of these people in the group get the results.

This is the front page of the YT Marketer group and it’s been updated since I started this case study and Greg. He did it. Anna got approved, she’s, actually anna’s on a roll she’s got two channels approved, and this is my testimonial you’ve seen my comments and you’ve watched this live case. Study, uh, Christy she’s done quite a few now and all of these people we all went through this course. Almost together and we were pretty chuffed with these results, so would I recommend YT Marketer yeah absolutely now, if there’s any discounts running for YT Marketer I’ll go ahead and leave a special link below which will also give you access to my bonus content and my SEO Training when it comes to YouTube and you’ll be able to get everything that I’ve just said where I do live case studies, I’m ranking local businesses and a whole bunch of just insane stuff that, if you combine with YT Marketer you’re gonna be a threat.

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