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– Hello, Lance Groom here. And I’m the guy that made over
a million dollars in sales, in newspapers, magazines, and tabloids. And I’m back out there making sales again, only this time with
something more exciting. It’s called infinity processing system. And what I’m about to
show you is brand new. It just launched a few weeks ago and I’m already starting
to make a killing. A real simple process to make money. $50, 150, $300 on digital products. Now, in a minute, we’re going to go inside
the membership area. We’re going to see
everything that’s entailed what you get and including
some of my bonuses. We’re also going to see the
sales page, very exciting.


You’re going to get your own website. Now, I looked very carefully at this. I’m the guy who also made over $25,000 in a handful of months with Textbot AI. And this is an insane opportunity
for you to jump on board. So here’s what I want you to do. I want to take you in the sales page to show you everything that’s entailed. Then we’ll climb inside
the membership area and I’m gonna show you
everything inside there and what you get for the product. Also, my bonuses you’re gonna get. And of course, if you joined
at the top level like me. And then I got a few more
words of wisdom for you and we’ll come back out here.


Okay. Welcome back. So we’re on top of my sales page, the same sales page you’re going to get. They’re going to customize it for you. So you just turn in your
picture, send it to them. And of course, how you want to get paid. Zelle, Cash App, PayPal,
Stripe, Google pay, all the different pay plans
that you want to put on there, they’ll link up for you when you give them the information.


Okay? So in the description
of this YouTube video, you can go to which is Infinity Processing
Systems, and it’s going to take
you to this page. Okay? So let’s read it together. Learn our $300 a day blueprint by posting pre-written
ads on social media. Okay? And when you get to this page on the link in this YouTube
video here description, you’ll see a video here. You can watch this. You’ll scroll down. This is where you’ll
have your picture here. They’ll add your webpage. Okay? And then you can connect it
to your social media there or your Facebook. Step one, getting started. There’s three different levels. Okay? Join one of the levels
to access your products.


Okay? This is digital marketing training. You’re going to get a lot of
digital marketing training. Step two, post ads on social media. Step three, get paid. Start collecting 100% daily. So it’s 100% commission
straight to your account. So how does it work? You can read the sales page here. It’s 100% commission
digital marketing secrets, and of course, how to go about it. So if you’re tired of struggling you’re feeling stuck
and confused, anything, you’re a newbie, this would be perfect for you
to earn some extra money from. Okay? Here are the levels. Okay? Now, remember this is brand new. This opportunity just started recently. It is March 18, 2021, started
about a last week or two. So you’re in the beginning
of this infinite level of this business opportunity. So it’s pretty cool. And just remember it is a business, okay? So you are able to sell these products and you get 100% commission. So the starter level is $50. You pay a one-time $15 admin fee which goes for your website. It’s a one time, okay? Which is really cool. And you get all the products
here at the $50 level.


Okay? Now, down below, you can see different payment levels, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, okay? And then right here, you
can join the $150 level and you get all these products here and we’ll show it to you in a minute. I’ll go inside the membership area but you also get the $50 products when you join the $150 level. Now, most people, they
joined at the pro. Okay? So you can do the starter level for 50 or you can get the elite level for 150 which qualifies your jobs
kit to starter level package. And a lot of people though
get the pro level, $300, because they want it all. Okay? They want to be able to
collect $300 or $150 or $50 when they sell these
packages of digital products. And at the $300 level, you would get the $150 and
the $50 packages as well. Okay? Same thing. Just a one-time
$15 admin fee for your website. Look at all these cool price. I’ll be showing you
there’s 200 pre-written ads plus 60 bonus images inside
in just a minute.


Okay? Scroll down. What’s your potential. You can watch this video here. Okay? A little bit more on how it works, money you could make, okay? And $150 level money you could make and the $300 level, the
money you could make. Okay? All right. So let’s go ahead and do this. I’m gonna hop on over. I got a tab open for the membership area. Now, this is the inside of the membership, once you get started, okay? You’ve got the intro. You click here. The video is already propagated. Create your automated sales funnels. Optional. Okay? Show you how to do that. Lots of videos. Okay? What to say when they
ask you for information, you got a closing script. What to do when somebody
joins your team and pays you. Look at this training to
jumpstart your business here. Winning mindset, adapt a success mindset, decide how you’re going to be successful, become coachable, daily
affirmation strategies, all kinds of stuff. Now, I love this.


This is 200 ad copies here,
solo ads and so forth. And we’ve got some great solo
ad providers are brilliant. Been using them for other
things for years. Okay? Facebook mastery marketing. This is so, so awesome. Craigslist marketing. There’s still money in
Craigslist, believe it or not. Instagram marketing, YouTube automation. Plus, you’re going to get
my bonus, you know, YouTube. I’ll talk about in a minute. Tik Tok marketing, how
to purchase paid traffic, automated your business. Okay? All these tabs open up to a lot of things. Extra hotel, restaurant
discount vouchers. Okay? So a really cool business. Okay? And I can scroll down
there forever on these 200. All right. So let’s, and we
also have a support group. There’s a Facebook
group you’ll be joining. This is brand new. Let’s talk about the bonuses
here and then we’ll go outside. I have a couple more
words of wisdom for you.


So you’re going to get my ad tactics pro, how to place ads in newspapers,
magazines and tabloids, how I made over a
million dollars in sales, ads that are still working
cranking for offline advertising. You’re also going to get, of course a copy of my million dollar ad. That million dollar ad is a blind copy. Something I used, which generated over
$1 million gross sales, my biggest year of business
when I did newspaper ads. Now, you also get my YouTube payouts which is a mastery course
webinars series to show you everything I did for another
company called Techspot AI where I made over $25,000 in just a handful of months
and ranking YouTube videos. And you can do the same for this. And I’m actually doing this right now. I’m using that strategy
to rank this video. So you want to get on
the action with traffic and you’re going to get those bonuses. So very, very key. And again, you get those
bonuses joining at any level, but if you get to the top level, okay? Which is the $300, okay? I’m gonna give you some extra help.


I’m gonna show you some extra things. And you’ve got a surprise bonus just for joining at the top level that I have not included in this video and you’re gonna love it. Okay? So here’s what I want you to do. We’re going to go outside. I got a couple more words of
wisdom, and I want you to, to tap that link in the description so that you can get started with me today. The bonuses are limited. Let’s go outside. I’ll see you there. Okay. Wasn’t that exciting? What I want you to do
is click the link below. It’s going to take you to my webpage and you’re going to get
your own webpage as well for Infinity Processing System. You make sure you look over,
you got the $50, the $150 join or the $300 join. You join at the top level, you don’t get bypass for any other sales which means you can get all the sales at that level and below, also
getting exclusive bonus there.


So make sure you click the link. Make sure you jump on board right now because these bonuses
that I have are limited and they’re time sensitive. So click the link below. I’m Lance Groom. I can’t wait to work with you with Infinity Processing System
and we’ll talk to you soon..

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