Marketing Boost- Vacations Incentives that make you MORE MONEY

Marketing Boost is an inexpensive tool to build and leverage any business. You can increase your opt-ins with any marketing strategy you are using and integrate into your sales funnels

It’s the ability to give away unlimited vacation vouchers as it fills up empty rooms at resorts. There’s 53 Destinations with 3 and 5 night stays depending on the location.

You can create a marketing campaign or just give it away as an incentive to get my quotes, attracts more leads and essentially make more sales

You can also take a vacation for yourself every 12 months. And there is also restaurant and hotel vouchers you can use or give away.

It’s a great tool to have. You can make commissions on activations, recruiting other Marketing Boost members and for the life of the membership. On top of that you can recruit other affiliates and make commissions.

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