John Crestani – Six-Figure Per Month Affiliate Marketing Strategies

John Crestani joins us today and we know you will love this show as much as we love talking to a fellow entrepreneur whose focus is on affiliate marketing. John has some great out of the box strategies, such as marketing with Yelp, Quora, and all sorts of platforms that no one else is talking about. 

John has been able to create a badass lifestyle business around affiliate marketing and he shares his story, how he basically got paid to learn ad strategy and how his love for marketing drives him to try all sorts of unique methods that other marketers do not consider but give him stellar results. We also get into the details behind his YouTube strategy and also how he structures his infomercial side of the business to get boatloads of sales to his book and course. If getting ahead in business with a similar strategy speaks to you, look up these episodes with Caitlin Pyle and Amber Spears on how to up your affiliate game.

“Any way that you can communicate with another person through the internet is a way that you can market products.” – John Crestani

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

How to get cheap commercial spots on television
The satisfaction of bringing the hedgehog along
What drives John crazy (hint: it’s something Matt is amazing at)
How to double your money on the back end
The anti-McDonald’s remedy
Which channels you probably do not want to run your infomercial on and why 
How a trip to Thailand with a well-known book started a new business idea
Getting over imposter syndrome again
And much, much more!

Resources From John Crestani:

On YouTube

References and Links Mentioned:

Cannella Media  
River Direct
Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss
Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge
Zero to One by Peter Thiel
No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy
Reamde: A Novel by Neal Stephenson
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