Optimal Email Length: How Long Your Emails Should Actually Be

Optimal Email Length: How Long Your Emails Should Actually Be


In the digital age, email marketing remains a crucial tool for businesses to engage with their audience. Crafting the perfect email can be a challenge, with questions arising around the ideal length for maximum impact. Enter Neil Patel, a renowned figure in the digital marketing realm, with a groundbreaking video that delves into the realm of email length optimization. Let’s take a closer look at the insights shared in this thought-provoking video.

The Email Experiment

  • Neil Patel’s email list boasts an impressive 1,588,639 active subscribers, making it a prime candidate for conducting extensive email testing.
  • The emails sent out were intentionally kept text-based, a strategic move aimed at enhancing deliverability and engagement among recipients.
  • To determine the optimal email length, Neil Patel and his team conducted multiple AB tests, experimenting with various word counts across different emails.
  • The lengths tested ranged from concise emails of 99 words or less to more detailed narratives spanning over 1,000 words.
  • Each email included just a single link, ensuring a focused call-to-action for the recipients.

The Experiment Results

  • Over the course of six experiments conducted with the entire subscriber list, click rates were closely monitored and analyzed to gauge recipient engagement.
  • The testing involved a diverse sample of 26 companies spanning across different industries, providing a comprehensive insight into email performance.
  • An active email subscriber was defined as an individual with a minimum 20% open rate, indicating a higher level of engagement with the content.
  • Surprisingly, emails falling within the 100-249 words category emerged as top performers in driving action and engagement on the recipient’s end.

In conclusion, Neil Patel’s in-depth exploration of email length optimization sheds light on the importance of tailored communication strategies in the world of digital marketing. By understanding the impact of email length on recipient engagement, businesses can fine-tune their email marketing campaigns to deliver maximum results. The key takeaway? When it comes to crafting compelling emails, sometimes less is indeed more!