Marketing Fads Can Only Get You So Far (Master The FUNDAMENTALS First)!

I've been in digital marketing for over 20 years and this is my advice to you Stick with the basics there's so many New platforms coming out and new Techniques and everyone's like oh this The latest and greatest in marketing Remember Clubhouse look what happened to That now it doesn't mean that the next Clubhouse or lemonade won't be popular But at the end of the day channels like Paid Google ads paid Facebook ads Whether you hate Facebook or not or SEO Or email marketing or text message Marketing these channels work they're Battle tested they're proven yes you can Leverage the sexy channels out there but Instead of focusing on the sexy channels How about you first do the basics Starting proven and have built many Multi-billion dollar businesses once you Get those down then go focus on the Latest and greatest that people are Talking about because you know what a Lot of those latest and greatest Channels they may drive you some sales If they're going to be a fraction of What you can get from these boring old Channels look at these boring old Channels didn't work Google wouldn't be A trillion dollar company just think About that