Marketing Boost Travel Incentives For More Sales & Conversions

Marketing Boost Travel Incentives For More Sales & Conversions

All right well champions! That’s a nice video! I’m going to train you on and set up base marketing how I’m using Marketing Boost, to give away free vacations to grow my business and get more leads and sales and actually add team members to my team and how you partner with me. You have access to this resource as well, so let’s get into it. So really quickly. I’m goin to share with you guys my screen here in a second and show you what Marketing Boost is all about and how I actually use this to grow. My business, so if you guys are not familiar with incentive based business, is only because you’re not really thinking about what an incentive-based opportunity is or incentive based Marketing Boost. But all you got to do is look to the most famous brand in the world. My god they’ve been in doing incentive based marketing since they came on the scene and they do it better than anybody right. A little-bitty toy inside of the Happy Meal drives their entire business. Do you guys realize that? Why? Because they know, if they can get the kids to scream cry, kick fall out over a toy and a happy meal? The parents are going to take the kids to McDonald’s to get said happy meal, and if the parents are taking the kids to McDonald’s to feed the kids, they might as well feed themselves while they’re edit, so incentive based marketing works. You just got to know how to work it, and then you have to have a good incentive and know how to properly place that and set them. So let me show you my screen and some of the tools and resources I have for my team to help film grow when you partner with being this, is whether you partner with me in the depth marketing man, whether you buy one of the tools and resources That I offer like clip funnels or our builder all through me. You also get access to using some of these tools and resources. They help. You grow your business and/or your brand. So let me just hop over to a screen share and show you guys so marketing boost is the company that I’m with it allows me to give away unlimited vacation vouchers to about 15 different destinations, and it’s a good way to get people to go from being A lead and being inquisitive to what you have to offer to actually pushing them over the edge. It’s also something cool that you can do around this time of year, send vacation vouchers out to your best customers as a holiday gift, so some of the things that they give you as a marketing boost affiliate is you get the ability to give away? Unlimited vacations travel incentives have been used for decades by large sales and marketing organization generate billions of dollars in sales. The big agencies are filled directly through our in-house travel agency. Right and they’ve already had over 1 million people travel to these destinations and have over 22,000 customer video testimonials where people actually do videos from the locations and say what’s up, you also get unlimited complimentary vacation incentives printed certificate. So one of the things that I’m going do this holiday season a little print out some of these certificates and send them to some of my best customers this year has a way of saying, thank you and, as you can see in this example, this is One of the five nice days, but there’s three nice days five nice days and I believe, there’s a couple: seven nine days as well. So in addition to the unlimited vacation vouchers, you also have unlimited restaurant and entertainment incentives through dining guru. So that’s super as well. Basically, you get to save tons of money with these restaurant mile shoes that you can give these away as a way to generate leads. So I would say the vacations to close sales, but I might do a cell phone Allah says: hey. If you download this free report, you get a free, dining, voucher or dining certificate, or something of that nature to kind of push the lead. But I wouldn’t give away a vacation to get the actual lead, I’m giving away the vacation to actually close the sale. So in addition to that, they also have all the tools and resources landing pages and things of that nature for you to actually grow your business. But what’s really really cool is they also provide some great marketing training on how to use these things, and that to me is huge, world-class support. So I’m going to show you some of the let’s see if I can get to some of the destinations there. We go so you have four days and three nights in Atlanta and Branson, Chicago Daytona, Beach, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Las Vegas, Miami Myrtle, Beach, New Orleans, Orlando Phoenix San Antonio, San, Diego and Williams. Third right, these are all the four-day three-night locations. Then you have six-day five-night locations such as Hawaii, and then there is Argentina. Then there is five days four nights in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne Gold Coast and Brisbane and then five-day four-night, say in Vienna. I’ve been four nights in Brazil: five-day four-day three-night in Canada, five-day four-night in Colombia, two locations, their five-day four-night and Dominican Republic, five-day four-night in Fiji, five-day four-night in France, five-day for nineteen Greece. But I’ve been four nights in Hungary. So, as you can see, they have tons of locations that you can give away and the way that these vacation vouchers work is basically they work with these resort destinations all over the country all over the world really and, as a result, these locations always have unsold Rooms, so they would rather have someone come and stay in the room for free in hopes that the people who are staying for free will ultimately spend money and some of the other amenities like the spa. The restaurants, maybe book some excursions through the resort or what hit me? What have you when you go and say somewhere for free you’re, gonna ultimately end up spending some money with those people, so they’re going to make a few dollars and they’d rather have that than half empty rooms? So let me just show you really quickly. The pricing options that they have and again when you join with me in business, you partner, but being any of the businesses that I offer you actually get access to my account and I can help share and provide some of these free vacations. And these vouchers to you they help you generate leads and to some of your customers or downline. If you build it within a network marketing opportunity so like I said, I try to do my best to make sure that I’m helping everybody on my team when I’m not afraid to invest in tools and resources, they help my business grow. So, as you can see, they offer a silver package for $ 66, a month below package for 133 a month and then platinum package for 208 per month. They also offer a seven-day trial I’ll put a link to to the 7-day trial. In the comments of this video, so if you can check those out, if you want your own account – and you can just basically just go over everything that comes with the account, so I wanted you to see those pricing the pricing there as well, but you can Also try the 7-day trial. Then you can also, when you do a 7-day trial. You actually get a vacation yourself for just taking a 7-day trial, so super cool way for you to explode your business and, like I said when you partner with me in business, I allow my entire team access to some of these tools and resources as well. So I’m able to give away a free vacation to sell one of our credit repair, memberships. For instance, then you joining my team and you want to use these vacations to sell the credit repair membership. Then you you’re absolutely able to do that and I’ll just share with you how we do that as a team and that’s what I do man. Not only do you get branding and marketing training from me. Not only do you get to clone some of my sales funnels and and those things not only do you get personal, coaching and mentorship to help. You grow your business, but you get also access to stuff like this man, I’m always investing in something to will help. My business grow and, if you’re on my team, why would I not want to help your business grow because helping your business growth is helping my business grow? But if you’re not on my team and you’re, not you don’t have any desire to join my team. But you like this as an opportunity to grow a business that you already have and I’ll put the link in the comments below on how you can take your 7-day trial and go ahead and setup. Your account with advertising boost or marketing boost, as they are now known, but it’s a cool way to get your team closing more sales and making more money and business by offering cool vacation incentives like this. So you guys got any questions about that. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I love to connect with you on anything that I haven’t going on whether you’re want to join my downline in our financial education network marketing team, whether you want to grab cliff photos through my link and learn how to build sales funnels And basically, you learn how to build money Sheila how to build ClickFunnels and I’ll teach you all that. I know that I’ve learned so far operating clip phone for the last three or four months, but I also have a builder all, which is another digital marketing platform. With tons of cool bells and whistles, they help you build an online presence and grow your business so be interested in partnering with me. All you got to do is hit me up. Let me know what you want to partner with me on how I can help you build and explode your business and, like I said, you’re access to a lot of the tools and resources that I am already paying for, because I want to see you wear so Until next time I want you to get your money up, because you absolutely can do it, but, more importantly, you deserve to do it. Each and every single one of you. Learn more about Marketing Boost today!

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