John Crestani // The Affiliate Marketing Journey

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A fellow affiliate marketer, John Crestani, joins us today. We know you will love this show as much as we loved chatting with him. John has some great “out of the box” strategies for affiliate marketing. He even experiments with places like Quora, Yelp, and many other platforms that aren’t typically associated with affiliate marketing.

John has been able to create a badass lifestyle business around affiliate marketing. In this episode, he shares his story and how he managed to get paid to experiment with different marketing strategies. His unique approach has allowed him to figure out how to monetize platforms that no one else has figured out how too monetize with affiliate marketing. We also get into the details behind his YouTube strategy as well as how he structures his infomercial business to get boatloads of sales to his book and course.

“Any way that you can communicate with another person through the internet is a way that you can market products.” – John Crestani

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:
• How to get cheap commercial spots on television
• The satisfaction of bringing the hedgehog along
• What drives John crazy (hint: it’s something Matt is amazing at)
• How to double your money on the back end
• The anti-McDonald’s remedy
• Which channels you probably do not want to run your infomercial on and why 
• How a trip to Thailand with a well-known book started a new business idea
• Getting over imposter syndrome again
• And much, much more!

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