Jarvis Ai Vs Rytr – Which Is The Best Ai Copywriter?

Jarvis Ai Vs Rytr – Which Is The Best Ai Copywriter?

In today’s video we’ll be doing a full comparison between Jarvis .ai and writer, ai, and these are both ai copywriting software’s that allow you to write short and long form copy and, if you’ve watched any videos on this channel, you’ll know that we use Jarvis ai within Our business and i speak very highly of this ai copywriter, but i do understand that the price point can be a little bit high for some people in today’s video, we’ll be putting Jarvis head to head against writer, ai and we’ll be looking at a couple of Different things to compare first, we’ll be looking at the quality of output that you get from Jarvis ai versus writer, ai, we’ll also be looking at the use cases, and the templates that’s available in both software and we’ll also be looking at the ease of use and How beginner friendly both of these software’s are, and, lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the company and the team around Jarvis, ai and writer, ai, so writer, ai again, is an ai copywriter that promises to allow you to write short, a long form copy and they Also make the promise to do this at a much lower cost compared to Jarvis. Now before we get into the pricing, i think the most important aspect of any ai copywriters is the quality of the output that you’re getting. It doesn’t matter how much you’re paying per month, if you’re not getting high quality output, then it’s just a waste of your money. Let’s take a look at first, the quality of output that we get from rider ai. So, as you can see, we don’t have too much of an overwhelming ai there’s, not a bunch of different functionality and features that can be a little bit overwhelming for a beginner when you’re deciding between use cases and different short and long form copy.

The cool thing about writer ai is that you do it all within one window and within one template, and this is much different from Jarvis ai. So if you wanted to get copy for a specific scenario, then you would go into that uh different template and then you would complete any input, that’s needed and then generate the ai content. So, let’s start by doing some comparisons between short form copy between writer, ai and Jarvis ai, so to really compare apples to apples, let’s go ahead and use the aida framework, that’s both available in writer and Jarvis ai. So once we’ve created the input, let’s go ahead and generate the output from the ais and, as you can see, this is the output that we get from writer ai. It says attention create your own endlessly evolving portfolio of work and turn it into a profitable online business, get more material for your blog website or social media.

Every time you create a new project, then it talks about creating a digital product and uploading it to the site. Making money through selling products on the platforms, i would say, is decent. We can probably work with the first two sentences, but this third and fourth sort of went off the tracks there. But if we head over to Jarvis, we can see that for this input we actually get some pretty good outputs. So the first generated output is.

Do you have an idea for a profitable online business? You can turn your idea into a profitable business desire. It’s not just about making money. Is about doing what you love and doing what makes you happy. So that’s really good.

As you can see, we get some more content from Jarvis ai and it seemed to pick up about what we’re talking about a little bit easier than writer. But again, that’s just one output: let’s try it again for another short form copy and see what sort of outputs we get. So let’s go ahead and try the Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn ads use case in writer, ai and then we’ll do the same thing and head back over to Jarvis and we’ll do the Facebook ads template. So once I’m happy with my input, I’m just going to enter those in into both copywriters and let’s see what sort of content we get. Okay.

So, let’s start with ryder, as you can see the best way to start your day, drink coffee and style with no spill coffee mug made from durable. It’s simple, it’s simple! Yet perfectly designed that will make drinking your morning brew a breeze! Okay! That’s pretty good!

Do you ever spill coffee in your car desk when you’re drinking it with this no spill? Mug you’ll never have to worry about that again. Okay, again pretty good as well, not a morning person. Don’t worry the no spill. Coffee mug will save the day um.

Some pretty good outputs uh from writer. If we head back over to Jarvis um, let’s see the output that we’re getting as well. So, as you can see, if we take a look at the content from rider ai and we read over the content that we got from Jarvis um from both ai copywriters, we got some pretty decent output and pretty good copy that we can use for a Facebook Ad or google ad or any sort of product description that we’re using so all in all, i would say that that’s pretty equal when we look at Jarvis, ai and writer in terms of using the product description for Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn ads now, while using these Other templates are helpful. I find that the most value and the reason why many people use an ai copywriter is to write long-term blog posts or any sort of long-form content. So let’s go ahead and take a look at how we can create long-term content in writer and Jarvis ai and we’ll also compare the quality of output that we get for long-form content.

So when you’re, creating long-form content using writer ai, you just head over to choose use case and you use the blog idea and outline, and what you want to do is then describe the content in which you’re creating so the primary keyword or the topic will be. The best five cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022 and I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna click right for me and when you’re creating long form content on Jarvis ai, you could use the blog post outline and get sort of an outline for our long-form Blog post, but the best way um to go ahead and get the best output from Jarvis is to use the long-form assistant and use the long-form blog post, workflow and from here we’ll start by describing the content. So it’s the best five cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022 and we’re going to click continue and if we generate ai content, it’ll give us a title right here, so the top five cryptocurrencies um. So let’s go ahead and choose whichever title we like the best and right from the blog post workflow. We can go ahead and generate an intro paragraph.

Now, unfortunately, on the writer, ai software, you don’t really have the access to a blog post. Workflow, like we do in Jarvis, so i did have to do a couple: variations um, because the first one was very plain and didn’t really give us much information about cryptocurrency or any sort of an outline. The second one again, we got a little bit better output, but the third one was pretty good, which talks about what cryptocurrency is. Why do you need to invest in it and the top five cryptocurrencies for investing and then the best bitcoin alternatives and a conclusion? So in the third output, we have more of an outline that we can work with now heading back over to Jarvis.

We first want to go ahead and choose the intro paragraph. So once you go through these um outputs, you can choose whichever paragraph you like the best and once you do so you’ll then be taken to the long form assistant and on the long form assistant. This is where you’ll be able to create your blog post on Jarvis ai. So let’s go ahead and head back over to the blog post outline now and see what sort of content do we get from Jarvis? So once we use the blog post outline our first two outputs are just a different list of cryptocurrencies that we can invest in, but the fourth output is sort of similar to what we got on writer.

So we actually get some different subtopics that we can write about. So what are cryptocurrencies? How do they work the top five best, how to get started tips for getting most out of your investment and a couple other important sub topics? So i would say from both of these ai copywriters, we got some pretty good outputs and a pretty good blog outline using writer and Jarvis ai. So now, let’s get into the long form content quality that we can expect when using both of these ai copywriters.

So, first we’re going to go ahead and start with writer, so the introduction talks about what is cryptocurrency and why you should invest in them and if you want to go ahead and run outputs from writer, you copy the keywords, including the title, and then you click Paragraph and what this will do, this will give us some outputs and include the keywords and the title uh that you selected so as we can see, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. Digital asset talks a little bit about bitcoin, so this is a pretty good um intro paragraph from writer. So let’s, let’s do this. Let’s copy the introduction um from writer and what we’re going to do is we’re going to paste it into Jarvis we’re going to remove this one, because i want to really compare apples to apples so when using Jarvis ai, you always want to update the content brief And the title so what is cryptocurrency and why you should invest in them. So once we’ve done that, I’m going to then click compose and let’s sit back and see what sort of content Jarvis gives us and once there’s a comma there.

I usually just click compose again and let Jarvis continue writing its content, so that was a lot of content. So let’s actually look through this very quickly and see if it was quality content and what’s kind of interesting. If we take a look um at the example that was given in Jarvis and in writer as well, they talk about uh cryptocurrency, going from 997 dollars to 16, 00 and 27. So we see here again bitcoin jumping from 1 000 to over uh 16 000 for coins. So, as you can see, um it’s kind of funny that the ai sort of pull similar content.

But i do think that we get a lot more content in Jarvis ai compared to writer ai, but you also have the option in writer. If you want more content, just copy the last paragraph and then again click paragraph and as you can see, it will give you some more content. So let’s go ahead and try a second output. So we’ll use the. Why do you need to invest in cryptocurrency’s subtopic?

So again, we’re going to do the same thing. We’re going to highlight the title and the keywords we’re going to click paragraph, and here we go we’ll do the same thing. I’M going to copy the subtopic right here, head back over to Jarvis ai, make it h2 copy paste and I’m just going to give it a little bit of an input there and then I’m going to let the ai do its thing. I don’t know why it’s giving us so much space, but sometimes that does happen. So you just need to watch out and then just reformat that, but let’s take a look at the output that we got first, let’s take a look at Jarvis, so you should invest in cryptocurrencies because it’s the future of money, opportunities of higher returns, diversify your portfolio.

Okay, pretty good financial freedom store value, buy products, so i do think Jarvis had a little bit of better input on this sub topic, but again pretty good inputs from both ai copywriters. And i guess, if you wanted some more content, you can just highlight the title and keywords again and click paragraph, and it should give you some more content as well. Now, there’s a couple. Little features that i think it’s worthwhile exploring quickly. That’s included in writer and on Jarvis ai.

So if you wanted to rephrase or improve any sort of sentence, you can do so by just highlighting that sentence and clicking improve or rephrase now, if you click rephrase, then it will take that sentence and rephrase it into something that may be better formatted or better Written now, if we head back over to Jarvis the rephrase and the fixed grammar button is right here. But the thing that i like better with Jarvis, is that you’re able to first see the output and then decide if you want to make the change um. On writer, if we were to do refrain, it just changes the content without you giving it the option to do so, and i also think with Jarvis you’re able to do a lot more content. For instance, i can do this whole paragraph if i wanted to and you’re kind of limited when doing this on writer, for instance, if i do a paragraph like this, I’m unable to do so, because i can only do between 30 and 300 characters. We also have a built-in plagiarism checker and you have Grammarly that’s included in Jarvis, ai and also on Jarvis ai.

You have access to an integration with surfer SEO, so that means you can start creating your content and you could simultaneously optimize your content. At the same time, so that’s a really cool integration, especially if you have a server SEO account because you can start optimizing. Your content right in your ai copywriter. So, overall, this is how i score Jarvis ai compared to rider ai in terms of the quality of the output, i would have to give it to Jarvis um. I really feel that you can get some deep high quality actionable content from Jarvis compared to just sort of on the surface level that i found, while using writer.

Now. This could be because I’ve only really used Jarvis and I’ve just recently started to use writer, but nonetheless, i was still very impressed by the output that i was getting when using writer, ai and in terms of use cases just taking into account the amount of templates That you have on Jarvis ai and the ability to do rewriting the ability to do rephrasing have a built-in plagiarism, checker Grammarly and the integration with surfer SEO. I would also have to give use cases templates and features to Jarvis ai, but in terms of ease of use, i would definitely give it to writer ai. They have the best user interface that I’ve used and it’s super simple to get started very beginner friendly and anyone can go ahead and start using this, even if you’ve had no experience using ai copywriters. Now pricing Jarvis, ai and writer ai have two very different pricing.

Jarvis ai is more of a high quality ai copywriter, and this is very much so reflected in its pricing. So, in order to write short and long form copy similar to what i did in this video, you would need the boss mode plan, and that starts at 59 per month, and for that 59 you have access to 50 000 words. But if you wanted to do just short form copy – and you didn’t want to use the long form assistant, then you can do the starter plan, which starts at 29 per month for 20 000 words and writer. Ai starts at nine dollars per month and for that nine dollars you’ll be able to generate 50 000 characters. So, as we see on the boss mode plan, we can do 50 000, but that’s 59 dollars per month on writer.

That same amount of words is just nine dollars per month. So, of course, you see a huge difference within the pricing um. When we compare these two ai copywriters and for 29 per month, you can subscribe to the unlimited plan, which will give you um unlimited characters. So that means you’ll be able to generate as many characters as you like and you’ll also have a couple other features for 29 per month. Unfortunately, Jarvis ai just got rid of their unlimited plan.

So right now it’s only a pay-per-usage pricing plan. So, as you can see, there’s a huge difference between the pricing for a writer and the pricing for Jarvis ai and you can even get a lifetime deal for writer ai, on appsumo for 40 one-time payment. So that’s a pretty good deal. We’ll leave a link below this video in which you can go ahead and get the lifetime deal for writer, ai, because honestly, that’s a steal for 39, and so of course, i will have to give the pricing to writer it’s just very, very affordable when you compare It to Jarvis, ai and in terms of the company and the team behind Jarvis ai they’ve, done a really good job at marketing and at serving their clients. So i would have to give that to Jarvis ai, but still both of these ai copywriters are really mind-blowing and really allow you to create long-form or short form copy, much quicker than before.

If you’re on a limited budget and you’re looking for a high quality ai copywriter, then i highly recommend trying out ryder. If you have a bigger team and you’re doing a lot of copy – and you have a larger budget, then i would recommend going ahead with Jarvis ai, we’ll leave a link below this video for both Jarvis and ryder ai. So go ahead. Take a look at both of them use them and see, whichever one you like the best. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and are able to find the ai copywriting tool.

That’s right for you! If you like, this, video, then give us a big thumbs up and subscribe for more tutorials until the next video stay. Well,

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