Demystifying the Concepts of Cross Selling and Upselling


In this EzyCourse tutorial, I will guide you on how to set up appointments in EzyCourse. Setting up appointments not only saves time but also enhances students’ learning experience. Whether you are a course creator or an educator, learning how to effectively schedule appointments can significantly improve your teaching process. So, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of accessing and navigating the EzyCourse Scheduler.

Accessing and Navigating the EzyCourse Scheduler

To begin setting up appointments in EzyCourse, you need to access the EzyCourse Scheduler. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your EzyCourse account.
  2. Navigate to the “Appointments” tab on the dashboard.
  3. Click on the “Scheduler” option.

Once you are on the Scheduler page, you will see a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage your appointments efficiently.

Marking Available Time Slots

The next step is to mark your available time slots for appointments. This helps students choose a suitable time for their sessions. Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the “Settings” option in the Scheduler.
  2. Go to the “Availability” section.
  3. Select the days and times you are available for appointments.
  4. Save your settings.

By marking your available time slots, you ensure that students can easily schedule appointments without any conflicts.

Offering Different Appointment Types

EzyCourse allows you to offer different appointment types to cater to the needs of different students. This flexibility enhances the scheduling process. Here’s how you can set up different appointment types:

  1. Navigate to the “Appointment Types” section in the Scheduler.
  2. Click on the “Add New” button.
  3. Specify the name, duration, and description of the appointment type.
  4. Save the changes.

By offering different appointment types, you can accommodate various session lengths or specific topics that students may want to discuss.

Automating Communication

EzyCourse simplifies the communication process by automating reminders, confirmations, and follow-up messages to students. This ensures that both you and your students stay updated on the scheduled appointments. Here’s how you can set up automated communication:

  1. Go to the “Communication” section in the Scheduler.
  2. Enable the options for reminders, confirmations, and follow-up messages.
  3. Customize the messages according to your preferences.
  4. Save the settings.

With this automation in place, you can focus more on teaching and less on managing communication logistics.

Tracking and Managing Appointments

Tracking and managing appointments is essential for a seamless scheduling experience. EzyCourse provides tools to help you stay organized. Here’s how you can track and manage appointments:

  1. Access the “Appointments” tab on the dashboard.
  2. View the list of scheduled appointments.
  3. Use the filters and search options to find specific appointments.
  4. Manage cancellations or adjustments as necessary.

Having a streamlined process for tracking appointments ensures that you can effectively manage your schedule.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Now that you have mastered the basics of appointment scheduling in EzyCourse, let’s explore some advanced tips and tricks to optimize the process:

  1. Take advantage of custom fields to gather specific information from students before their appointments. This helps you tailor your sessions to their needs.
  2. Utilize the appointment notes feature to keep track of important details discussed during sessions.
  3. Set up recurring appointments for students who require regular sessions.
  4. Use the reporting tools in EzyCourse to analyze appointment data and identify trends or areas for improvement.

By implementing these advanced strategies, you can further enhance the appointment scheduling experience for both you and your students.

Real-Life Success Stories

To inspire you further, here are some real-life success stories of educators and course creators who have utilized appointment scheduling effectively:

  1. Jane, an online course creator, saw a significant increase in student engagement and satisfaction after implementing appointment scheduling. Students appreciated the personalized attention they received during their sessions.
  2. John, a language tutor, was able to expand his client base by offering flexible appointment options. Students appreciated the convenience and were more likely to recommend his services to others.

These success stories highlight the positive impact that effective appointment scheduling can have on your teaching career or course business.


Demystifying the concepts of cross-selling and upselling can significantly increase revenue and enhance the customer experience. By leveraging the EzyCourse Scheduler and implementing the strategies discussed in this tutorial, you will have the skills to provide a seamless scheduling experience for your students. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and leave comments for our EzyCourse community. Happy scheduling!

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