Buy yive – your instant video empire review 2 (Sequel) | Yive review bonus

Buy yive – your instant video empire review 2 (Sequel) | Yive review bonus
Get Yive 3.0 here :

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Buy yive – Your instant video empire review 2 | Yive review bonus
Yive 3.0 The Mass Video Marketing Platform That Launches Your Business Success.

YIVE is a video creator and marketing automation machine. Build Your Empire of Thousands of Niche Content Videos Quickly and Easily

Automatically Create and Upload Hundreds of Videos to Multiple YouTube Channels For Affiliate Offers, CPA, Local Marketing and More!

YIVE or Your Instant Video Empire is one of those tools you just happen to learn about from an unknown source that completely changes your business.

Since the beginning of YIVE, I’ve been using this incredible system to mass auto-create videos for affiliate products, promote local businesses and drive insane amounts of traffic to my websites.

YIVE was created by Marcus Cudd who from my understanding has invested over $100k in it’s development and growth since it first launched. So before you ask.. YES, it’s an amazing tool that’s here to stay and is constantly being maintained and updated.

When YIVE first launched, it’s main purpose was to auto-create videos for promoting Amazon products. You simply type a word and it does the rest. But since then has grown into a massive tool now does so much more.

It provides 7 different campaign types:
Automatically creates and uploads video reviews of Amazon products.
Automatically creates and uploads videos from specific keywords.
Automatically creates and uploads videos from Spintax content.
Automatically creates and uploads videos from RSS feeds.
Automatically creates and uploads videos from any URL.
Automatically creates and uploads videos from your own videos.
Uploads pre- roll video ads to your videos in specific campaign types.
Automatically creates and uploads videos from your own video and script.

It Works 24/7/365 creating and uploading mass videos on compltet auto-pilot. A truly set and forget system.

Here’s a few ways you can use Yive:

Dominate Any Niche with Thousands of Videos
Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Campaigns
Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Products
Drive Traffic to Your Adsense Blogs
Drive Traffic to Websites You Flip
Drive Traffic to Websites You Rent
Drive Traffic for Pay Per Call Leads
Drive Traffic to Lead Generation Sites
Drive Traffic to Client Websites
Dominate in Many Languages
Generate YouTube Ad Revenue
Build Authority YouTube Channels
Build Your Email List
Resell Traffic to Clients
Sell Pre-Roll Ads to Clients
Build Video Backlinks en masse for website SEO
Build A Full-Time Income From Home.

Below are the bonuses I am offering if you purchase Yive from my affiliate link above.

Bonus #1 : Advanced Strategies Video Reviews

Bonus #2 : Advanced Video Ranking Strategies

Bonus #3 : VIdeo Sales Formula Course (full video marketing course)

Bonus #4 : YT Supremacy Premium youtube marketing course

Bonus #5 : 100 HD Animated Backgrounds with Developer Rights

Bonus #6 : 50 Royalty Free High Quality Music Loops

Bonus #7 : Premium Stock Video Collection

Bonus #8 : From Zero To $100 A Day Launch Jacking Course

Bonus #9 : Riserr Affiliate Marketing Course

Bonus #10 : The CPA Project (full CPA marketing course access)

Bonus #11: Freelance Marketing Video Course

Bonus #12 : InstaBot (Worth $197). Premium Instagram marketing

Bonus #13 : Commission Robot (Worth $197)

Bonus #14 : Social Robot (Worth $197)

Bonus #15 : Affiliate Accelerator (Worth $197)

Bonus#16 : Video Marketing Blueprint

Bonus #17 : Video Marketing Exellence

Bonus #18 : Yotube Marketing Hack (10 Videos)

Bonus #19 : How To Optimize Your Videos

Bonus #20 : Profit Portal Affiliate Marketing Course

Bonus #21 : Fusion Social Media Marketing Course.

Bonus #22 : Piggyback Cash System

Bonus #23 : 3 Step Profit Machines

Bonus #24 : Fiverr Income Secrets.

These are all top best selling courses created by Super affiliates and renowned marketers woth $2516.

On purchase of Yive send me the purchase receipt via email to [email protected] I will immediately send you the access links to all these bonuses.

Buy yive – your instant video empire review 2 (Sequel) | Yive review bonus

Get Yive 3.0 here :

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